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Comment Re: Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 254

If you saw anyone just hanging out in a bathroom would you question it?
Can you tell the difference between a trans gender man wearing a skirt and another woman without feeling them up and invading their privacy? The only way to tell is to look over the wall of the stalls.

The first question is yes, and the second is no. You can't tell if it is just a guy in a dress, sure maybe if he isn't a transgender and goofing off but most transgender guys to women, have fake breasts and sport real cleavage, so unless you see the bump between her legs you can't tell. These are the ones on estrogen, softening their face, and cutting back on hair.

Actually good engineers push the boundaries all the time. That is how they succeed. Smart engineers push the boundary , then break it, and then cut back by x% for safety, reliability, and longevity. You can't design something new without knowing all the limits and the only way to due that is to push forward. You test software to test your design, and to look for boundaries that kept in as something is more than the sum of its parts. Good engineering isn't pushing back against fads, that's politics.

Good engineers fuckup regularly in design and development, but in production cut back. That is why software ships with so many bugs. They have design, development and then ship the code. They rarely go back to a solid Production phase.

Anyone can be stupid, greedy or mean. I know liberals that are all three. Nope conservatives, prevent progress because you can't show them something new is better. I have a couple of 60 year old coworkers. Great people, nice smart , one is even an engineer how can disassemble and repair complex equipment. They have used computers for 30 years, and they still can't figure out how to use a file system properly.they can't understand that a scanned PDF equals the piece of paper in their hands. They have to keep that piece of paper in a folder in a real file cabinet, but they are conservatives and can not equate a file in a folder in a real cabinet, and a file in a folder on a computer.

That is the intelligence of conservatives. In thirty years you will be that old person, unable to grasp the basic operation of computers 30 years from now. You will still program with the best of them, but you will struggle using the interface,and understand why things are being done that way, what options are available and tested, because to you it will all be a new fad even though it started 10 years earlier.

Comment Re: Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1) 254

Not so much racist as being a bigot.

I can not tell you how many of my conservative coworkers claim on one hand they are not bigots and filled with hate, and then spout off something about taking away the liberty and freedoms of a group of people that are different from them. Do you know how many of them are freaking out over the thought of a transgender person sharing a public bathroom with them or their kids(cause think of the kids) . When asked if they ever look over the bathroom stalls to check to make certian that the people in the neighboring stalls are really the correct gender they get offended. yet in 99.999999999% of the cases that is the only way to tell.

how can you enforce a law that requires indecency to verify?

Last by definition conservatives hold us back. They force society to slow down to allow them to keep up. Under wall street if you are not growing, you are not moving forward you are going backwards. do you want your investments to stay the same today as they were ten years ago, or do you want them to grow? Be a conservative bury your cash under your mattress, it is the best investment advice.

Comment Re:Can't wait for solar power and electric cars ta (Score 4, Insightful) 114

The thing is it is easier to clean the atmosphere and exhaust ducts of such facilities than it is to clean an exhaust pipe. It is done all the time.

Need examples? Look at pictures of Boston, Chicago, Detroit, los Angeles from 1980-1990 and compare them to today.
You can see the air quality change and exactly what the EPA does with their burdensome regulations.

Comment Re:Liberals and their insults (Score -1, Troll) 135

I can't but at least I can say Clinton doesn't like KGB, Nazis or using concentration camps to hold 11 million people cheaply as he tries to figure out how to report people to countries that don't want them back.

Trump has stated that speech is to free and we should limit free speech, limit the freedom of religion, and blacklist press that don't agree with him.

That is the entire first amendment. As evil as Hillary is she doesn't want to change the Constitution to make it politically expedient.

Turning the fed political by itself will, drop the credit rating of the usa by a couple of points.

Comment Re: What's wrong with this? (Score 1, Troll) 199

What evidence of wrong doing?

Republicans have spent $500 million tax payer dollars investigating Hillary. If you think they had any actual eveidnece that could pass even a court of public opinion they would use it.

Hillary is a power hungry bitch, I use to think she was smart but I can't even think that anymore. But how stupid do you have to be to think that she can hide legal wrong doing with that kind of money against her?

Hillary is the single most vetted candidate ever troublicans have been examining everything she has and does. Other than being a bitch and unlikeable that haven't found any laws she broke.

Comment Re: ...and Accuracy (Score 3, Insightful) 111

There is a much simpler reason why it won't last as long. Material degradation. Show me a system let alone a complex one like a satellite that doesn't lose bits of itself over time. Space radiation will slowly alter the chemical structure of the house, power supply, etc until it is non functioning and that will happen in just a thousand years or so

Comment Re:Spectrum... (Score 1) 226

Bad parenting is. Diease. One that is passed from parent to child. A child that is spanked, hit a lot will be more likely to hit their kids. We make the world a bettdr place r by raising our kids with less violence than previous generation. We raise our kids to be nice to everyone, to not stigmatise one person for being different ( skin color. Wealth, gender, looks, life style, etc) and they will be less likely to do those things. The usa hasn't had one generation yet of racial equality hell we haven't had A century of women voting,

Change takes generations. You have to initiate change and force it on two generations and then let those generations die of old age for it to truly take effect.

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