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Comment Re:I never got the hang of this "app" stuff. (Score 1) 30

On my iPhone I use an app called file explorer. When I launch the app I can then activates an https WebDAV server that allows downloading of iPhone image and music files. Primarily I use it as a quick way to upload images from my phone to my work without having a regular connection. At home I have Dropbox intergration on both my laptop and NAS.

On a byod environment you need to shuffle files and may not always have a USB drive on you

Comment Re:Mobile websites & apps suck (Score 1) 102

I run classic slashdot on all my devices and stay logged in. Slashdot Web 2.0 doesn't have persistent logins across sessions without using the browsers login credentials.

So I switch to classic login and stay there for me slashdot usage. Oddly enough I find it faster and easier to read even with random scrolls left to right or pinch to zoom to adjust size.

Comment Re:Narrative Pushing (Score 3, Insightful) 434

The hate against hillary is strong. she is unlikable,and not a nice person either. I think most of the stories againist her are false and misleading, but I still don't like her. haven't liked since 1996. Still would rather have her and 4 more years as things are then Trump who will be building concentration work camps to house illegals and trashing the us government so hard financially it will take 2 generations to repair it.

Think about it this way. Hillary won the popular vote by 2 million people but soundly lost the electoral vote. Trump is a racist hateful bigot Who waited until after the election to try and pretend to denouce the alt-right hateful bigot. You know the ones are now running around the country going hail trump hail victory? (by denouce only his campaign denouced those people he himself never did before the election)

So many people would rather have Hitler than Hillary. that Hillary could only win the popular vote by 2 million. Hell I can't stand hillary but she is at least a politician.

Hopefully she finally realizes the only people who like her are her family and stops trying to be a policitian.

Comment Re:great news (Score 2) 238

The worst for an admin yes I agree. But speed wise airport express stack up against low cost commericial routers well.

That siad even though I am primarily Apple I switched to unbiquiti unifi routers and aps at home. Expensive to setup for a home user but so damn reliable and I can overpower my neighbors garbage wifi routers.

Comment Re:rights (Score 2) 236

It is why I have an iPhone, MacBook and a nexus tablet. It is why I have my own Nas and went to the trouble of setting up my own backup system on it. It is why I have Gmail, but also download all my history into a pop account once z month.

I learned from the early 2,000"s with the major windows viruses rampaging across the net. Do not lock your self into just one set of things.

Comment Re:It's pointless (Score 1) 260

While I agree the correct digital tools are expensive and not easy to use. We print things out daily at work. The pick tickets for pulling warehouse parts, packing slips and invoices are the bulk of the printing. Going all digital on the warehouse would cost $200,000 in Erp licenses and hardware. Packing slips and invoices still will be printed too. Yes we email invoices whenever possible. 90%of small businesses don't integrate with computers well enough to force that though.

Actually home owners are generally ahead of small businesses in integrating technology.

Want a tech analogy? Do you log into every server, switch, router ,firewall, separately or do you have a single place where you can manage all of those? Only a few high end vendors offer a combined approach.

Comment Re:America 2018 (Score 1) 426

For over half of the USA 30,000 a year is below the poverty line.

You are also forgetting that employers will drop 35,0000 for your salary since you get that much tax free from the government to start with.

Of course ubi won't work until it is world wide automation. You can't have Chinese putting robot factory's out of work. So the auto nation you see has to spread to over 60%of the global before uni can be considered.

Comment Re:Microsoft did mobile wrong (Score 0) 114

That's because win ce was designed by techies who to this day think phones need hardware keyboard buttons at the expense of screen size.

The iphone wasnt the first all touch phone. but it was the first all touch phone with basically a full web browser installed. It also ditched most of the buttons in favor of the touch screen, and it made the touch screen keyboard smartly appear and disappear as needed.

That is the revolution that microsoft missed. instead of forcing an ugly mobile web, and tiny screens apple went for bigger screens and the full web.

Comment Re:None of this matters (Score 0, Troll) 156

you seem to think you can negoatie with trump. once he undoes NATO, wipes out the debt by canceling Social security and medicare, you might want to think about just how he will deport 12 million immigrants quickly. to house them he will have to build camps. once in camps they will be there for a couple of years to fly them all home(70% of immigrants fly here as they live overseas)camps like that are expensive to run $hundreds of dollars per day per person. So he will be a businessman and force them to work for cheap. probably making his cheap suits.

Hillary will be impeached in a year and kaine will be our president.

That I can live with, Trump I can not.

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