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Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 2) 187

Do you really believe trump won't be worth 20-50 billion by the time he leaves office? Trump will use his position to enrich himself. Tump has to win If he doesn't he has destroyed his most valuable asset. His brand. 70% of Trump's assets, are overseas in Muslim and Chinese countries, where rich people want to live like rich Americans. Trump uses loop holes to allow rich Chinese to immigrants to get instant green cards.

Yet you think Hillary will be worse than someone who always screws over those who does work for him.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 181

Just like a Republican to only hear half the truth. The FBI doesn't determine guilt or innocence.

What the FBI siad she was guilty of bad practices, but didn't break any laws. We don't put people in jail for incompetence, or stupidity.

Lying about Hillary's stupidity, and arrogance makes you look stupid.

Hillary is arrogant, and a b!thx, but I refuse to tell lies about someone just because I don't like them. Republucans love lairs. Just listen to trump talk, he lies almost as much as Hillary.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1, Troll) 181

Here is the thing.

Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of public tax dollars trying to prove hillary guilty of anything.
They can't do it. You can't call her a felon until she has been found guilty in a court of law.

Does that make hillary fit to be president? not in the least bit. but she isn't guilty of the crimes you think she is.

Al Capone, couldn't cover up his crimes the way republicans think hillary has. Hillary is the best con woman, The best mafia boss, to ever exist because no one can use evidence to link her to any of her purported crimes. Even the emails. They can't charge her because if they do 30 republicans have to go to jail with her because they are doing the same thing RIGHT NOW.

Hillary is a b!tch I don't like her, but no one can be guilty of anything and live in the spot light like Hillary has for 30 years. If hillary sneezes republicans spend a million dollars to find out if she gave someone a cold. That is how deeply republicans watch her every move.

Comment Re:includes $1 million worth of memorabilia.. plus (Score 1) 158

Why is it whenever i see one of these they look like crap? The theater is too bright, The ready room looks like quark's bar from DS9. So they don't go together. At least he could of used Ten forward for the drink/snack bar.

Oh sure he has a million dollars in props. but he could hire a proper decorator to create a consistent theme of the star trek rooms?

Comment Re:This is better than an ICBM because...? (Score 1) 256

Did you read it? Russia has single stage to orbit flight abilities. By 2020 that should tell you how much of this is bs

Bombers have a limited flight envelope. 50-60 thousand feet but a few planes can go higher. To do an orbital hop requires much more. The best answer to 2020 possibility is an air launched ICBM.

The ICBM Is loaded into the bomber, the plane gets to altitude climbs higher and launches. As the plane stalls it falls clear of the ICBM which is picked up by heat trackers that record launches. Since it launches from 50,000 feet the missile defense shield doesn't have time to intercept.

Not scary tech, not amazing, the missile defense shield is only 30-50% effective anyways less so against an all out nuclear attack.

The thing with an air launched ICBM is weight and fuel. ICBMs are heavy, and the fuel for the rocket is limited

Comment Re:Tenants of the world unite! (Score 1) 173

You mean you would block Hillary from doing things,just like Republicans have blocked obama from doing things for 6+ years?

I don't like Hillary but Hillary would galvanize the Republicans against her. Trump will bully Republicans into following him, or risk losing out. Oh sure they are distancing from him today, but if he gets the presidency, they will fall over themselves to support him 100%

Comment Re:By far... (Score 1) 485

It is the most advanced but like all tech it has limits and those limits are astounding once humans realize them.

Most likely the truck had a high center of gravity and an open under carriage. The auto sensing system thought it was seeing noise and ignored it.

You know in movies where a convertible sports car goes under the rig of a tractor trailer in dramatic fashion? That entire space doesn't exist to most computer vision systems. So the tesla figure it had an additional fifty feet of clearance.

Computers don't see things like people do, computers don't think. They only calculate with the sensors we give them and those sensors are really limited.

Comment Re: Unsurprising (Score 1) 441

That's just it how much of the data the ai processes is through the hud and how much is directly from the video stream of the simulator.

Also how much lag does the ai have between visual and radar changes in target and response? I am willing to bet the ai has more data than the pilot, and receives that data in such a way that can't be replicated on an actual flying platform. Even using drones and the computer on the ground.

Yes on board avionics are advanced, but still all they get is radar return, which can show aspect changes in target but you are still looking at a dot of changing sizes. Not a detailed picture of the aircraft.

Comment Re: Unsurprising (Score 0) 441

Until they put that AI in a real plane, I won't believe the test.

The simple fact is that image and pattern recognition on radar and camera's are not good enough in real time for an AI pilot to work with. Even more the computer that runs the AI is probably twice the size of the plane it is flying.

So put that ai pilot in a predator drone, and let a real pilot in another drone fight it. I bet it loses a lot.

Comment Never happen (Score 5, Informative) 147

40% of a ships maintencence needs are done at sea, while under way. They can shut down parts of the engine to do maintencence on the ocean.

An remote controlled ship would spend more time at dock than current models.

And that is why remote ships won't set sail. Not pirates or crew costs but time spent being repaired at sea saves too much money.

Comment Re:Poll Ideas (Score 1) 301

The average trump supporter is between 45-and 80 lower middle class, where job recovery has been all but absent since 2008. The same group that fear social security won't be enough for them, and they don't have anything else going for them. The same group that will bankrupt social security. The problem is that group isn't know for making smart decisions or they wouldn't have those problems to begin with.

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