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Comment Re:Modern money theory (Score 4, Insightful) 380

Gets better

Define robot taking away a job?

As 30 years ago. Companies would need lots of accountants and billing people. Those jobs were replaced by Windows computers running accounting software that did the math and run reports for them so they didn't need so many people to do more work than was previously possible.

Is that a robot since it replaced a high paying job?

Should Microsoft be taxed for job loss?

Why don't people ever think things through?

Comment Re:ads on youtube (Score 1) 152

Wait until android ads come to YouTube. You know the ones that pretend they are a game for you to play and want you to play but are just an ad to download the game? The ones where they put the close button on a 15-40 second delay and can appear in any corner at random?

Those ads are almost enough to get me to buy an iPad mini to replace my google nexus 7. The other factor is a lack of good 7-8" android tablets that are not a kindle.

Comment Re:Still playing catch-up (Score 1) 113

Biometrics work awesome for phones.

Why ? My nieces 3-4 year olds could figure out pins, that stupid android but drawing thing, etc but they can't duplicate my thumb easily. (Yes it isn't that hard but it requires skills and tools not found in most homes)

The iPhone thumb has a 48 hour timeout where if you haven't typed in your password in 48 hours the thumb doesn't work. Police in the USA can hold you for 24 hours so odds are the police won't be able to unlock your phone and will be locked out by password by the time they get around to you.

Comment Re:POTUS Obama said that he would fix failing brid (Score 1) 240

it wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that republicans voted no against anything obama tried to do.

The president doesn't control the purse strings congress does. unless Congress votes for it the bridges will go unfunded.

it is something that has some bi partisain support but knowing republicans they will throw a rider in that only white males can do the construction work or some other bullshit rider.

Comment Re:Most Web Browser Engines Are Open Source (Score 1) 325

The question is do you want your browser doing a speed test or an os with an API that the browsers can pick up and adjust accordingly? I usually have chrome and safari open. Chrome eats up less memory and auto connects to my android tablet but safari is needed to connect to my phone.

Since they won't build a bridge between the two I have to link them the hard way.

But bandwidth and speed tests should be on a much lower level than web browser. That way other apps can adjust accordingly. Also I always first run an app without a net connection. If it crashes I delete it and find another

Comment Re:Owning vs Renting (Score 1) 353

For $300 I got a 6 terabyte Nas and I can share it with people if I like. Also if in 5 years when my costs are zero and yours are still $100 or maybe $125 ( always estimate in a 5% annual price increase on all goods and services without a contract. I can upgrade the storage using the $200+ saved from the last two years to buy newer hard drives that store a significant amount more. My annual costs are still zero but yours keep going up.

Remember to show annual growth an online company needs new users and or raise prices. So always plan for price increases

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1, Informative) 308

right now health insurance companies cost you about 30 cents for every dollar of your health care.(obamacare limits it to 20 cents) Adminstration of health care costs you 90 cents for your dollar.

how much more health care could be provided if adminstration costs could be cut back?

The USA has a very top heavy infrastructure and not enough grunts in the fields. everything is that way. businesses government etc.

the finance guys and upper management wont' mention it since it is their salaries at stake, but they trimed the fat from the supply chain, and lower levels. now the fat is all concentrated in the upper management fields. This country won't grow until that takes a couple of major cuts. And that won't happen for a few more years.

Comment Re:Massive failure from all involved (Score 1) 169

except this isn't about any given thought, or emotion. this isn't about muscle feedback loops and controls.

This is about how each neuron fires and why does it fire in that order.

We can make a logic gate, but the brain doesn't use logic gates yet it still gets the correct answer. (sometimes) how it does that is the biggest mystery of neuro science. In the brain memory and processors are one and the same.

What could a computer do if you gave it 32 gigabytes of level 3 cache? what if you gave it 1 terabyte of level 3 cache? your brain works closer to that than a logic chip.

Comment Re:love the subtle anti-brexit push (Score 1) 172

Except the EU has stated you want access then you have to be a part of it.

It isn't the common market British needs it is the free exchange of people and goods.

The finance centers in London have to move out because access isn't good enough. There goes 50% of London's value Right there.

The uncertianity comes from she and other brexiters promised massive growth and savings and just the opposite is happening.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 3, Informative) 300

exactly for a decade apple was at or near the top with annual updates and feature changes.

since 2012 and the broadwell/skylake fiasco apple basically stopped trying to keep up with laptops and desktops.

I want a new macbook (currently a 2009 macbook)but i want a modern cpu and a sd card slot. things i can't get in current line up. So many macbook owners have been waiting 5-6 years screaming for new tech and apple is failing to deliver.

I won't own a windows 10 machine and linux might be possible if all the hardware worked.

Comment Re:Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 199

The majority US troops pulled out in 2010 per Iraqi agreements. Then shia Iraqis started writing g religious laws that affected sunni Iraqis more than shia Iraqi. The sunnis tribal leaders got pissed and invited in India to assist in force the shias to back off. Instead ISIS took military control of sunni areas. If you look you can find sunni tribal leaders saying they could stop ISIS in the very early days. Those leaders were killed after that.

For the record Iran is primary shia, and suadi is sunni.

We are getting involved I. A religious holy war just like eruope of the 14-17 centuries. Oddly enough Islam just 1500 years old too.

It seems religions age like humans but by the century. Turn 15 and you become a horny emotional wreck lashing out at things for stupid reasons.

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