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Comment Re:And that will also mark (Score 5, Interesting) 378

Same here, switched to XFCE (about the time Unity was released, as most of you, I guess) and was also considering looking again at KDE, since it made the news again :) I used SuSE for some years, some 10 years ago, and KDE was quite good, even more compared to GNOME which at the time was still very very under-developed.

I may try KDE again, though the last time i tried it, it was a bit "too much"... such HUGE menus were just uncomfortable... For me, it was an overall impression of a bit too much of everything, everywhere.

Now, I can say the only thing I really don't like in XFCE is Thunar... for me it lacks lots of functionality (like, ffs, copy-paste with right button!). But even so, i cant even think of trying to use unity or gnome shell again.

So no, it's not like we have really advanced much. With XFCE sometimes I feel a bit like 1999 again, suffering here and there with stuff that doesn't exactly work as I would like, but also feeling confident and comfortable with it.

Probably KDE will be the desktop of choice for most of the "normal" linux desktop users... until they decide it's time to move to tablet interfaces too!!

Comment Now I don't know what to recommend too (Score 1) 1091

I for one had that one product that I used (still do, though looking for a change) and recommended to many people, and even setup it for them if they asked. It was called Ubuntu (yes, the african word that stands for I don't have time to fiddle with Debian anymore). But not anymore, since their inspiration died with the BIG Unity fiasco. And Gnome 3 seems to have helped them in destroying an established, well know and easy to use, intuitive desktop (after all the years it took us to get there!).

So right now, for me, yes, I wouldnt know what to recommend to the ppl I used to recommend Ubuntu. OpenSuse? No way I'm going to mess around with rpms again. Ever. Mint? Tried it, and didnt like it, it's an unfinished product in the sense that Ubuntu 10.04 was a "finished" product. Found many minor desktop and setup annoyances with it. So yes, I'm one of those who have gone silent.

Submission + - gurgaon-mba-colleges (

Bimt1 writes: "BIMT- Brij Mohan Institute of Management and Technology is the best Gurgaon MBA College offering AICTE approved BBA and MBA Gurgaon courses."

Submission + - SPAM: Alberta Oil Careers -How to Get a Job on an Oil Ri

albertaoil123 writes: "The energy industry provides lots of opportunities for entry level workers and following a few simple steps can help you get a job on an oil rig jobs. Understand that there are many job openings: deck hands, engineers, medics, painters, welders, store men/women and safety trainers. Regardless of the position that fits you, here are few ways to get started"
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Submission + - Citrix VDI-in-a-box Suffers Y2K-like Glitch (

aesoteric writes: "Citrix Kaviza and VDI-in-a-box users were unable to access their virtual desktop environments when 1 January rolled around, due to a bug that deemed all licenses for the software expired. It took Citrix three days to issue a hot fix, leaving some users to try workarounds like winding their clocks back to 2011 to regain desktop access."

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