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Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 5, Insightful) 334

That's a bit of a ridiculous response: tipping is far from universal and, frankly, is often used as an excuse to pay less than minimum wage--wait staff in Canada generally gets less than the minimum wage on the *legal* basis that their tips make up for it. For the employer it's a win, but for consumers and staff it's not always. I've pointed this out to coffee shop employees: by putting a tip jar out they create an environment where tipping is expected and the norm. This puts their employer in the position to argue that they should be paid less than minimum wage...because, tipping. So here's a radical idea: charge me the value of your service and I'll pay the value of your service--whether it's a ride in a car, a good bolognese or a latte.

Comment What's a Science Fiction Actor? (Score 1) 142

I mean come on. He was an actor, and a well liked and respected one. He wasn't a "Science Fiction Actor." He had notable roles in Titanic, Twister, True Lies, Apollo 13, Big Love, Frank & Jesse and many many other movies. Science Fiction represents a small part of his resume and you're calling him a Science Fiction actor?

Comment Re: the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 1) 213

You or point about buying a Kodak digital camera is fairly off base: you couldn't really buy a Kodak branded *film*'camera at the time the market shifted. For another perspective, you *could* buy an HP camera and as i used to point out to potential customers at a store i worked at (bleak times!): WHY WOULD YOU? HP is a computer company-- buy a camera from a camera company. anyway, not apologizing for Kodak who definitely missed a numbe rof opportunities-- but your point is misleading at best and wildly inaccurate at worst.

Comment Re: Don't buy a Mac for Specs. (Score 5, Insightful) 472

Don't buy any machine for specs--buy it because it does what you need. Buy it because the one you have now doesn't. The notion that I should buy a new computer every two years is ridiculous. My last PowerBook lasted five. It was getting a *little* long in the tooth for digital photo editing but I could have waited another ueR. It was definitely slow for video editing. The machines are likely labeled as "do not buy" as much because people are expecting new models as anything else.Apple's currently running a promo for education users which is the normal strategy for clearing inventory before replacements are sold. There's a solid argument that Apple should stop selling *computers* but the suggestion in tbe article is just inane.

Comment Re: So what does it do then? (Score 5, Informative) 485

The same thing cruise Control does, to some extent: allow you to pay attention to IMPORTANT things by removing the need for you to pay attention to SOME things. Cruise Control means I don't have to monitor a speedometer to make sure I'm not speeding. I can focus on things more relevant to driving safely because my attention isn't diverted by THAT. Except I drive a manual civic and don't have cruise control.

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