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Comment VPNs (Score 1) 211

IF you're really serious about security the best way is to find a non-logging vpn service, preferably one that's encrypted. US based companies are legally required to keep logs on their us based servers. Best bet is a sweedish server. It's not 100% but still much better than most options.

Comment Well, they've finally done it.... (Score 1) 182

Perhaps this school should be referred to as copyright re-education. We could even have a special program for the worst offenders where they get to go to some type of low-tech retreat where they learn how infringing copyright is detrimental to society. They could then complete their "re-education" at one of these "camps" and become a productive consumer generating add revenue again. This is a GREAT idae!!

Comment Re:That's Not How It Works (Score 2) 276

And if Marie steals my bank account info, she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Same with Bob. That doesn't mean I should be required to go register my stereo and tag it with a lojack style system, that incidentally reports on what my stereo happens to be playing, just so it makes the job of the police easier.

Comment Re:*Puts on tinfoil hat* (Score 1) 276

Not sure if you have heard, but in the US there is a judicial branch of the government that has a long history of successfully enforcing the first amendment. Wild speculation about theoretical actions that will be invalidated by the courts are not useful.

I'd rather nip this kind of thing in the bud at the legislative level than let it go into law and hope that a panel of 9 people shoots it down. Open debate is a cornerstone of a free society. I'm simply speaking up and voicing my opinion in hopes that this bad idea doesn't get implemented.

Comment Re:That's Not How It Works (Score 1) 276

This is what happens when we let governments start protecting us from ourselves. The point of the government is to keep me safe from the barbarians kicking in the castle walls, or from Bob down the street who wants my stereo system. As long as another person's rights aren't being violated, the government should stay out of my business.

Comment Re:*Puts on tinfoil hat* (Score 3, Insightful) 276

You're right, individual sites have every right to enforce TOS on their individual site. If I don't like it, I can go make my own blog somewhere and say whatever the hell I want. Imagine for a moment if a browser's license was required.

"Hello, this is the Internet Police, you have gotten too many anti-social points on your internet license. It is hereby suspended for the next 6 months."

Comment Re:That's Not How It Works (Score 4, Insightful) 276

Yeah, right. According to Uncle Sam, SSNs are also voluntary. And while it may be voluntary according to the government, what's to prevent ISPs from requiring it for internet access?

And how is this private? Sure, it might just share enough info to complete a transaction on any specific site, but what's to prevent the administrator of the program (in this case the highly trustworthy US government) from using it to track citizens who happen to be doing things they don't approve of? For example, making a donation to a group that has contrary views to said government (for example, if I decided to donate to the American Communist Party.)

Comment *Puts on tinfoil hat* (Score 5, Insightful) 276

I am honestly afraid that this is basically going to turn into an internet driver's license. Imagine if you were required to get government approval in order to read a book? This violates all kinds of freedom of speech provisions. I'll wait to see the details before I make a final judgement, but I much prefer being able to remain effectively anonymous online.

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