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Comment Re:7 billion? No wait, 8? 9? (Score 0) 461

Population control.

We cannot sustain this a constant growing population.

Call me immoral but people should stop having as many kids as they are.

And that's what Hitler said....

Enviably someone then pipes up and says, well we shouldn't stop educated people from having kids, because they're needed. No we need to stop the undesirables (insert definition here____) from breeding idiots that don't contribute society. Such arguments led to Planned Parenthood, btw.

Slippery, slippery slope!

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 516

Making claims that about redaction or (possible) missing emails is not talking about resources and time. It's a premeditated attack that potential evidence of wrongdoing has been removed. So if nothing incriminating is found...well they must have removed it is the excuse rather than there was nothing incriminating to begin with!

But the Guardian has the emails online and humorously is using the PUBLIC to let them know if there's anything scandalous! They can't even be bothered to put an intern on it?

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 516

I worked for a large city government (and trust me that government was bigger than their state government.) Heck our city government employment is almost bigger than the population of Juneau (30,796)!

First of all most government offices are at least 10 years behind the times in technology. I know this from working in the tech department although my job was in training. So yeah there may be ignorance or the means to do this electronically. But I'm sure charging a fee has something to do with it.

And that out of sheer ignorance or an attempt to profit? No malice at all?

Secondly, maybe there is malice, but it's likely out of being sick and tired of being bombarded by media requests. This is a SMALL government office even if it is the state government. If there is malice, it is because they are getting overwhelmed with requests from a media who is foaming at the mouth and attempting tear this woman down every way they can. I doubt this is a case of loyalty to a former governor.

I'd like to know how many of you were laughing at the "birthers" when they wanted a copy of the birth certificate of an actual sitting president. But now you're screaming cover-up about a woman who hasn't even declared she's running. I've never seen a non-candidate gone after with such venom. Most of this same media certainly wasn't out there vetting candidate Obama and his associations to known terrorists when he was running. They were getting "thrills" up their leg.

And this somehow should not stain the image of this potential future candidate to president of the USA?

And that's what you care about, right?

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 0) 516

I am LMAO that some of you think there's a big Palin conspiracy. I have worked in local government, one with a lot more resources than this one, and I can tell you exactly what's going on.

First of all 25,000 pages is one HELL of a pdf file any way you cut it. It would be impractical for email. They'd have to upload it somewhere it could be downloaded (for free where their bandwidth gets tied up.) And it this cash strapped economy, NO ONE in government is giving anything away.

This way they won't get as many requests. Once they have a master copy they can send it to reproduction (possibly outsourced) and have as many copies as they want made and then CHARGE a shitload to the idiots in the media who have to fly up there (and hoping they'll have to stop and do some story background stay at a hotel, eat some meals, etc.)


Comment Re:Protip: (Score 1) 367

First of all I think it's interesting that it's the police commission proposing dropping them as most police agencies are FOR red camera lights. This one is simple economics--they're not making any money off of it. And that's the problem--it's ALL about revenue. This blog exampled 6 cities that were caught shortening the yellow light so they could catch more red light runners. The yellow light is there to warn you the light is changing so you have time to stop. Cities will put the public in more danger just to bring in higher revenue.

There is a battle going on now in Houston as the voters voted the cameras out, but the powers that be are trying to get the will of the people overturned--no doubt one big supporter is the company running the red light program. But for statistics it has been pointed out that the data they're using includes ALL accidents, regardless of cause.

I worry a lot more about people texting while driving than I do the red light runners.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 1) 442

Certainly didn't take me much to figure out how to do that - don't rely upon other people.

The old adage goes - if you want something done right, do it yourself.

At the risk of using business cliches, I think it's better to focus on your core business than to try and do everything yourself. Otherwise you usually end up doing a lot of things badly.

You say don't rely on other people--that's not only sad, it's impractical. Because eventually, hopefully, he'll have to hire some employees...

Comment Re:Haha (Score 2) 442

"If you can't be responsible for every part of your business, you don't need to be in business, PERIOD."

So a person making widgets should know how to run a server? Bullshit. He said he's creating a web site for his business, not that he's becoming a web site designer/host. He never said what his business was (presumably he thinks he's invented the next mousetrap.) That would have been helpful to give some sort of idea at least if this was a service or a widget you sell out of an online store.

To the question: I don't think you need "the cloud" but I think you do need to find a reliable web site host where you can start small, but have room to grow. Yeah I know you think you have the next hot idea, but it still takes a while for things to catch on. Get someone with experience hosting e-commerce web sites and shops, especially if you're selling a widget. If you're selling a service you'll need something more basic but which can handle a large number of views and basics like email forms for inquires. Point is, if you're expecting "millions of hits" this is not a do-it-yourself project.

Oh and btw make sure you not only pick a good .com .biz, etc. name, but take advantage of the email, i.e., or IOW, do not use Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. I work with small suppliers every day and I still see a lot of those crop up--especially one person shops. Those emails are fine for someone looking for a job, but look damn unprofessional on a business.

If you're not a web designer (and you know whether or not you are), either keep it really basic, or get someone (not just your unemployed brother) professional (someone with a portfolio you like) to design it. Doesn't have to be fancy and make sure you budget. Once you decide on a design, don't keep going back and expect them to make changes for free. Start making changes and you will blow your budget.

Good luck.

Comment Re:Unnecessarily complex? (Score 1) 453

It would be better if instruction manuals were actually useful...

I'm a long time computer user and not to the old fogie stage yet, but I wouldn't know that a + sign means to add an alarm either. And I continue to be disgusted by incorrect or missing information in instruction manuals. They seem to be more interested in putting them 10 different languages than making sure they are correct and understandable. I would bet that younger people are more willing to just "figure it out" while the first thing a more mature person would do would be to RTFM.

I get irritated that people simply assume older people are dumb. My mother is in her 80s and uses a computer. But when we go to the doctors, you'd be amazed how many times the nurse starts talking to me or my spouse instead of her right off the bat, like she incapable of understanding. Mom usually sets them straight before I do. Maybe the designers should start studying if their designs actually make sense rather than assuming it's all a user problem.

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