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Comment Re:Guarantee (Score 2) 716

Actually it is exactly like the medical profession. There are also a great number of doctors that do no more than what a medical book tells them and just try one thing after another based on the list in a particular medical text they have been reading. As a person that had a problem 2 decades long and finally found a doctor that did a bit of thinking I know.

The problems with software development are systemic in most environments currently. There is never enough time to figure out what doing it right means. Contracts are consistently underbid to "get in the door". A large portion of managers believe in the higher them cheap and see what works out.

It is not impossible but it is hard to write non trivial programs with very few bugs. You have to hire people who are capable, want to do it right and enjoy it to the point they put the effort in. Companies need to stop taking their best engineers and forcing them into management. You can use process to streamline and help but you cannot use it to create quality in the first place.

I agree with you on programmer quality. I often state that 5% of the people I work with do most of the creative work. Another 20% to 40% depending on the particular organisation contribute daily and the rest just get in the frakin way. 90% of management is in the frakin way group.

Every evaluation I have received in the last 20 years all mention there are people I refuse to work with in the organization and it is a problem. Well after all this time I figure someone that wastes 100% of the time I spend with them should be ignored, the consequences be damned.

Comment Re:dev adv ftw (Score 1) 665

What drug are you on. Oh it's called I can't or won't read scientific papers. The theory of evolution has mad a large number of predictions about what the in between missing species would be like. The lake of evidence makes it hard to find one of these predictions but every few years a new fossil discovery is very close to one of the predictions. It happens you just can't or won't recognize it. Darwinian evolution is shown to be true on the micro level with direct evidence. It has been shown to be a good predictor on the macro level but that takes time to find the evidence.

Your analogy is BS.

Comment Re:I blame textbook monopolies. (Score 1) 161

While getting my BS in computer science, one of my fellow students was one of the most incredible looking women I will ever know. She also had an almost perfect memory, could give you back pretty much any fact she ever read, and aced every test. She could not program worth a damn. Helping her out had it advantages.

That is the problem with just teaching to the test.

Comment Re:In otherwards (Score 1) 664

If you mean the actual people claiming to part of libertarian party then I would agree they have little power. Its the ones squeezing into the republican party using the rabidness of the tea idiots and religious diatribe to back them up that are dangerous. They just seem to rub a little more salt in wound and get the dogs to snap up a little more insanity.

Comment Re:In otherwards (Score 2) 664

Like I said, the government is bought and sold. The extremeness of the guilt is great on both sides but it does seem like the republicans are worse than the democrats. God I would like to see a president like Johnson again who had no problem ripping a new one. Obama is wimp on training wheels.

And, oh yes, again another anonymous poster. You are either a shill or an idiot.

Comment Re:In otherwards (Score 4, Insightful) 664

Another anonymous BS artist. In a modern society governments are created by the people (where have I heard that before) to ensure the common good. There is the freedom to do anything to your employees you want and then there is the freedom to not be treated like a slave. Where have most of the battles been fought in the last 150 years or so.

That is until the the corrupt domineering religious right started forcing there values onto everybody else at the republican corporate ran prison system and then the extra greedy rich used them to extend their money power on congress.

Our government today is mostly bought and sold just as you would have it. Fuck you with forced at gun point. How about some common decency.

Comment Re:The real point of what Detroit has to offer... (Score 3, Insightful) 398

So instead of using those powers to fix the issues preventing American workers from considering moving to Detroit you want to bring in immigrants who have no idea of the problems and force them to stay there or be deported. If it gets worse then send them home.

This is at best a band aid on a gaping wound.

Comment Re:I like my own office, thanks (Score 1) 314

Actually you may be the only one who has a issue with the music. At my job in San Diego a few years ago I came in one morning, put on the head phones, started playing Queen at high volume and started coding. A while later in the middle of "Fat Bottomed Girls" I realized I had not plugged the headphones into the little jack in the front of the PC speakers. When I did I immediately paused the music. The only complaint I heard was that I actually turned it off.

Surprised the hell out of me.

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