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Comment EPROM chip? (Score 1) 633

I guess that electricity is still avalible in 16 years.
I guess that people can read datasheets.
I guess people still remember the binary system.

Then, keep it simple: Use a EPROM-chip with paralell address, paralell data. Print the datasheet for the chip on paper and a description of the file system. (Design one simple by yourself, or use tar and print it's specification).

Worst case: They have to get someone to design the hardware themselfs... I could build a reader for that here with a small microcontroller in 30 minutes. It's really simple actually...

But use it just as an option if some other more modern techonology fails, like USB flashdrive... Redundancy...

Comment Future? (Score 1) 259

Assuming that earth is all carbon (and my calculations are correct), earth is built of approximatly 3.6*10^31 atoms.

According to that table (if extended), there would be a processor with more transansistors on a single chip than atoms in earth in 2152.

Comment Proof (Score 1) 1091

What I've learned in school about proofs is that, if you cant prove something is true, try to prove that the opposite is true instead, and if it is, you know that the first can't be true too.

Can she/he drive a car?
yes -> sorry... not a woman.

Comment Theoretical and hyptothetical (Score 1) 495

I would say approximatly 15ng (nanogram). If you store each bit in a seperate hydrogen atom in some magic way.

If you instead use carbon atoms, and each bit has one other atom as a link to some magic intrastructure, the weight will be 360ng.

And for silicon, two atoms per bit: 840ng

Lets say a storage device of 100g is acceptable, then it can contain an 113ZiB of above silicon storage (ZiB = zettabyte with base 1024... called zibibyte?)

Note: this is just hypothetical...

Comment Copyright? Personal integrity and privacy! (Score 1) 394

What made the Pirate Party successful in sweden wasn't, at least as I've seen it, the questions about copyright and "illegal" downloading and copying. What made the Priate Party successful this time is about personal integrity and privacy to the people.

During last year, the swedish goverment have created laws which allows companies which claims that their work have been downloaded from an IP-address to get all information about the person behind that IP. That law is called IPRED.

FRA (Försvarets Radioanstalt / National Defence Radio Establishment, in sweden) got a law that allowes them to monitor all traffic on internet that crosses the swedish border, which practially means that they got access to all internet traffic for the people in sweden. Most mayor sites used isn't placed in sweden, like facebook, hotmail... (probably only thepiratebay earlier).

So the Pirate Party's mayor goal for this election was to work for the privacy of the swedish people.

(I'm a student from Gothenburg, Sweden)

Comment Re:Creating A Problem. (Score 1) 170

Home automation isn't about you having control over your house/apartment. It's about other beeing able to annoy you over the internet.

I'm building a CAN-based home automation system for my apartment, and I'm pretty sure that my friends uses is more than myself over internet. :P

wounder how annoying it would be to post the link to the control page here... :P

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