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Comment Re:Internships should always be paid (Score 1) 182

let's not forget the time you're wasting with a mentor, every time you ask a question you waste a productive person's time on the project. So instead of hiring an employee with an intern you actually lose half an employee while paying the same. So it's not $7.50 an hour if you count the time you're wasting of other employees it's most likely much higher. a small company doesn't have the overhead to take on that kind of liability.

Comment Re:So, what now? (Score 1) 658

And we'll just ignore all of the events where revenue increased when tax rates decreased. People tend to forget that people are greedy, and as such will find loopholes when it is profitable i.e. high tax rates, but when rates are low it's not worth spending the time and money to evade and exploit loopholes and will pay the same if not more (because of lower overhead) without a problem. Lowering the tax rate in a time of recession is always the right move. Also, the government could stand to not spend money like a drunk college girl with daddy's credit card.

Comment Re:A partial solution: (Score 3, Insightful) 629

But while there are people knocking on my door tryng to get me to turn to Jesus, people in congress voting for stem-cell research bans, legislators in my country asking to give creationism and "intelligent" design* as much face-time as evolution in science as opposed to philosophy classes, then I can say with a straight face that religion is a problem more than it is a romantic set of ideas; even if its idealogues aren't bombing my busses.

I'd say you've proven the point of this article, your religious beliefs prevent you from accepting alternate arguments based more on your beliefs than actual facts. remember the great song lyrics, if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. really I believe there is no way to be completely impartial towards an idea, but if we at least try to view both sides of the argument as fairly as we can, we can at least come to a better and firmer grasp of why we have beliefs in the first place, or hopefully admit our failures and change our beliefs.

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