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Comment Re:Wanna earn $200K+? Two words... (Score 3, Interesting) 473

You're not spending your money in the right place if you don't think it can buy happiness. Sure buying cars and "stuff" won't make you happy, but buying experiences will. A flight to New Zealand costs around $2k. Let me see you buy that ticket plus hotels for a month long stay in New Zealand on your "happy" $60k. Good luck....30 days off work will cost a $120k per year salary worker $10,000 in time off, that's before you start calculating the cost of travel and the experiences in New Zealand. So $120 is instantly $110k a year. I'm going to lean on $145,000 with mild responsibilities and a flexible work schedule with a good amount of time off being the magic number. Anything less, makes you count your pennies when you're traveling. But please....keep working for $60k and we'll compare most interesting man in the world stories in 10 years and see who has scene more, done more, and is happier.

Comment idiots (Score 1) 312

You're an idiot. CPU power is the least green thing I can think of in the world. Your machine sitting idle uses far less power and cooling than your machine sitting idle. Before your nitwit idea comes to fruition, perform a real ROI, not a slashdot ROI prediction. The beauty with bitcoin mining is you can actually compute the stats of how much power and cooling you'll need to produce a single bitcoin in the present time. Within the next 30 days, be ready to have wasted a crap ton of money on power, because ASICs are about to make fools out of all of you.

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