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Comment Re:He's wrong of course (Score 1) 149

There's two parties here - Netflix' transit provider, and the ISP.

Why should ALL customers of an ISP have to pay to support infrastructure upgrades due to the demands of a subset of customers, especially when that issue only comes up because the company generating the traffic has chosen to buy transit from another ISP?

If Netflix would buy transit on the large networks on which it wishes to put massive amounts of traffic this wouldn't be a problem.

Comment Re:Netflix is unwilling to lease 4U of rack space (Score 1) 149

Still misses the point. Netflix, and only Netflix, caused this problem in the first place by putting it's traffic on the networks other providers to be sent to ISPs via peer links. Now it wants to solve that problem by pushing companies to give Netflix free space, power, and cooling in their datacenters.

How about no?

Netflix could have chosen to use CDNs or to buy transit directly on the large networks it wished to supply traffic to, but instead chose to use cheaper transit providers that would abuse settlement free peering links.

Comment Re:He's wrong of course (Score 1) 149

Why should Verizon have to upgrade anything to satisfy Level3's customer?

There's a reason why this issue is only effecting Netflix and why their traffic is entering the networks of major ISPs via peer links, and that's because Netflix chose to save money by using other transit providers that would knowingly abuse settlement free peering links. They could pay for CDNs and/or transit directly on these networks the way every other major streaming provide does, but then they might have to cut into some of their profits.

Comment Re:He's wrong of course (Score 1) 149

Netflix customers are only a portion of all customers. Expecting ISPs to upgrade peer links at the expense of all customers to satisfy the bandwidth demands of some is wrong and effectively forces all customers to subsidize Netflix' business model.

Why isn't Netflix buying transit on the large networks they wish to put traffic on to and/or using CDNs like EVERY OTHER major streaming company?

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