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Submission + - Dennis Ritche dead at age 70 (theregister.co.uk)

pedantic bore writes: Dennis Ritchie, pioneer of C and UNIX, former leader of the Computer Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, and winner of the ACM Turing Award, is reported dead at age 70.

Dennis Ritchie was one of the inventors who, without much fanfare and almost no publicity outside of the field, revolutionized operating systems and programming languages. His influence is ubiquitious; C and POSIX are the bedrock of nearly all modern computing platforms.


Submission + - Professor Yau strikes back at the New Yorker

pedantic bore writes: "The Harvard Crimson has posted an article entitled "Prof Accuses New Yorker of Defamation" in which Professor Yau (esteemed mathematician, winner of the Fields Prize, and practically everything else, but primarily known outside the mathematics/physics communities from a recent New Yorker article about Grigori Perelman's refusal to accept a Fields medal) threatens to sue the New Yorker over what he feels was an unfair characterization of himself and the field of mathematics as a whole. Tune in today (9/20/06) at noon EDT to hear what Yau has to say, or read his letter."

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