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Submission + - NOAA GOES weather satellite communications at risk (

pease1 writes: " reports: The FCC (like many Federal agencies) has gone looking for available frequencies and money as part of this:
Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan, Recommendation 5.8, p.86 (FCC, 2010). The National Broadband Plan is available at The rub? They want to auction off a portion of the L-band spectrum used for satellite downlink communications from NOAA GOES satellites. This comes just as new satellites have been launched with new transponders using these frequencies. It's madness. To add insult to idiocy, the frequencies provide a much needed EMWIN service to Civil Defense and Emergency Managers in the USA, and most pacific islands use it as their only source of hurricane information. It's chock full of public domain info that includes warnings, data, forecasts, and imagery. It was about to get a face lift to a new high speed data transponder (HRIT) using the same frequencies, already in orbit on GOES-R. Ground based receivers are in test mode, waiting for full deployment. Link to the FCC notice."


Submission + - Biden: What's that website number?

pease1 writes: "On the CBS Early Show (video), VP Biden Forgets Name of RECOVERY.GOV: 'Do You Know The Website Number?' asking off camera staff for the URL of the website set up to track spending from the stimulus bill. The /. community repeatedly made fun of former Senator Ted Stevens for referring to "tubes". Is Biden just as out of touch? Website number?"

Submission + - Dems in Denver to display their vision of future

pease1 writes: "Trash police to ensure delegates sort their refuse correctly; bans on unhealthy or non-local foods; mandated food colors; union, organic, and nature dyed ball caps, the Democrats at the Denver convention will show case their vision of our future if they have their way.

From the Wall Street Journal: "Decked out in green shirts, 900 volunteers will hover at waste-disposal stations to make sure delegates put each scrap of trash in the proper bin. Lest a fork slip into the wrong container unnoticed, volunteers will paw through every bag before it is hauled away ... No fried food. And, on the theory that nutritious food is more vibrant, each meal should include "at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white." (Garnishes don't count.) At least 70% of ingredients should be organic or grown locally, to minimize emissions from fuel burned during transportation."

Submission + - 29 June 3123 BC Astroid Impact Observation Found

pease1 writes: "A cuneiform clay tablet that has puzzled scholars for over 150 years has been translated for the first time to be a contemporary Sumerian observation of an asteroid impact at Köfels, Austria in 3123 BC. A press release about a book on the topic says "Half the tablet records planet positions and cloud cover, the same as any other night, but the other half of the tablet records an object large enough for its shape to be noted even though it is still in space. The astronomers made an accurate note of its trajectory relative to the stars, which to an error better than one degree is consistent with an impact at Köfels.""
The Military

Submission + - Geek named warship in confrontation

pease1 writes: "Perhaps many slashdotters heard that three US warships had a confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz with Iranian speedboats. But how many realized one of the warships is named after one of the original geeks? The USS Hopper, named for the pioneering computer scientist, Rear Admiral "Amazing Grace" Hopper? The US Navy names destroyer class warships after individuals, usually heroes of war and winners of battlefield awards. It is befitting that the technically advanced Arleigh Burke class destroyer is named after the inventor of the compiler."

Submission + - NOAA/Cornell Document Solar Impact on GPS

pease1 writes: "NOAA and researchers at Cornell Unviversity have reported on how solar flares impact GPS navigation systems.
On December 6, 2006, a solar flare created an unprecedented intense solar radio burst causing large numbers of receivers to stop tracking the GPS signal. Using specially designed receivers built at Cornell University as sensitive space weather monitors, Cornell scientists were able to make the first quantitative measurements of the effect of earlier solar radio bursts on GPS receivers. Extrapolations from a previous moderate event led to the prediction that larger solar radio bursts, expected during solar maximum, would disturb GPS receiver operation for some users."

Submission + - New Mexico secedes, might declare Pluto Planet

pease1 writes: "Wired and others are reporting for New Mexico, the fight for Pluto is not over. Seven months after a conclave of scientists downgraded the distant heavenly body to a "dwarf planet," a state representative in New Mexico aims to give the snubbed world back some of its respect. State lawmakers will vote Tuesday on a bill that proposes "as Pluto passes overhead through New Mexico's excellent night skies, it be declared a planet." Actual wording of the resolution.

For many of us old timers and those who had the honor of meeting Clyde, this just causes a belly of laughs and is pure fun. Not to mention a bit of poking sticking in the eye."

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