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Comment What happens when it quits? (Score 1) 127

The FAA has only one question: "What happens when it quits?"

For whatever reason there you are you are 200+ feet in the air with NOTHING holding you up!

Helicopters can autorotate (sorta) and save themselnes MOST of the time, but a jet pack?

In aviation they refer to this as a "once in a lifetime event".

Comment Re:You can now pay fines for manslaughter? (Score 1) 238

Does this mean rich people can just kill the poor and pay fines now?

Taking a life illegally should at least warrant some jail time.

I agree, in tthe case of a corporation the equivalent would be to hand over all operations (below the executive suites) to a consortuim of competotors to run for the length of the sentence, under court supervision of course. Just like what would happen to you and me in the same situation!

Any profits for that period would go to "reasonably compensate" the consortium.

The evidence is that this arose out of corporate decision making so a corporate wide penalty would appear to be approprite.

Comment Re:Crooks follow the money! (Score 1) 247

Stopped reading your post after I saw the "fiat" was in quotes. Hint: it shows off your I-want-the-gold-standard-back total-nutter credentials.

To the contrary, I used quotes to denote the technical use of the term "fiat" as used by the BitCoin promoters.

History shows that the price of Gold is one of the most manipulated forms of "currency"!
Take a close look at what FDR did to the price of gold during his "New Deal" and what is happening today.

As one analyst observes, paper has more value than Gold based on supply and demand. The "supply" of paper is far more constrained than Gold, but the demand for both for "utilitarian" purposes is declining. The only reason Gold sells for more than approx $1/oz (wild guess) is speculation and scare mongering.

The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that it is difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine - Abraham Lincoln

Comment Crooks follow the money! (Score 1) 247

While I admire the idealism of the BitCoin project, I have to remember a couple of essential functions provided by (evil!) Government control of "fiat" currency!

1) ANY "fiat" currency is intended first and foremost to "promote commerce" and the first need of any actual business that uses the currency is STABILITY. NO (evil!!) government would ever have allowed the "run up" and "crash" of BitCoins that we have seen over the past few months.

2) Governments chase/catch/punish crooks and swindlers - probably that is what they do the very best! Now that BitCoin actually has (had?) "significant" value it inevitably attracts "significant" crooks! But BirCoin HAS NO (EVIL!!!!) Government to catch the crooks!

One wonders at the sophistication of the crooks (e.g. Madoff) if BitCoins had risen to US$300/coin ($3K/30K or ???).

Submission + - FTL neutrinos explained... maybe (arxiv.org)

The Bad Astronomer writes: "A new paper, recently posted on the arXiv physics preprint server, claims to have explained the FTL neutrino experiment from last month. The author claims the motion of the GPS satellite introduces a relativistic dilation that accounts for the now-infamous 60 ns discrepancy in neutrino flight time. However, I'm not so sure; the original experimenters claimed to have accounted for relativistic effects. I don't think we've seen the end of this just yet."

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