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Comment Re:Litebook Comments (Score 2) 157

I assume that the RAM is soldered to the motherboard? What Wi-Fi module are you using? These would be good things to add to the website. Either way I am happy to see this in the marketplace. I'm typing this on a Dell XPS 13 but not everyone has $950 to spend on a laptop.

Comment More so! (Score 1) 449

My first computer was a 33MHz 386SX with 1MB of RAM and a 110MB HDD. In today's dollars it cost $2,835. Today you can get a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition for $950 and still have enough money left over to bathe in BeagleBone Blacks, or a lifetime subscription to Linode if you want. There are a bunch of crappy products on the market, but I would never choose to go back to expensive slow computers.

Comment Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (Score 1) 288

I have the 2015 Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition and I have been very happy with it. I was actually an HP employee when I purchased it and I would buy it again. I got the base model with a 1080p non-touch display for $950. It is incredibly small and light with amazing battery life. My touchpad sucks (I use a mouse), hopefully the new on is better.

Comment Re:You know the old saying... (Score 2) 437

This is very true, but...

I am a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at a Fortune 500 company. I work on a code-base of millions of lines of C with 300 of my closest development buddies who are located all over the world. The distribution of abilities is as you would expect with this statistically significant sample of developers. I spend a lot of my time tracking down tricky memory corruption bugs in C by hand that would have been caught by the Rust compiler. What's more, dangling pointers and buffer overflows are the worst kinds of bugs because they often lead to security vulnerabilities.

An excellent engineer can write excellent C, but a poor engineer can overflow buffers and leave dangling pointers hanging around... but not in Rust.

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