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Comment Viability? (Score 1) 243

Is it really that big of a deal? Any text will need to be scaled up. I'm typing this on a 13" Sony Vaio (Z12) with "Full HD" (Best Buy speak for 1920x1080) and I wouldn't be able to see anything if I hadn't scaled up the fonts. Our eyes can only make out so much detail, and I think this new screen might be a bit beyond what most people will need for a quality small-screen experience.

Comment Current Status (Score 5, Informative) 147

The paper was preliminary to begin with. It is currently withdrawn in order to fix minor typos and because currently "enough unresolved issues with the paper exist to foster a healthy sense of skepticism". This is a good thing for now.

The original discussion was in a Google Doc but has since moved to a wiki.

Info: Previous post explaining the proof more clearly
Paper (not wort reading for most of us)

Comment Important Details.... (Score 5, Interesting) 129

... to make it clear that you won't be doing it (TritonSort, thanks for leaving that out kdawson) on your desktop at home:
  • 10Gbps Networking
  • 52 servers x 8 cores each = 416 CPUs
  • 24 GB RAM per server = 1,248 GB
  • ext4 filesystem on each, presumably with hardware raid

I think this is cool, but.... how fast is it in a more practical situation?


Comment I like.... (Score 1) 213

the join removal. But what about the partitioning features that have been on the table for quite some time now? The scaffolding is already there, but implementing partitioning is still quite a chore. I just want to be able to gracefully create/manage partitions as in Oracle. There are also a few papers floating around out there with proof-of-concept parallelization/optimization schemes that can be applied with partitioning knowledge.

Comment Hmm... I smell a internet-scale prank opportunity (Score 2, Funny) 70

Google probably wants to use the data for their own analysis. So, I suggest all of Slashdot team together and forge a large volume of the most bullshit data that will convince Google that, without a doubt, they need to make every first search result named "Frosty P1ss!" linked to goatse in order to make their customers happy.

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