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Comment Re:Are we TRYING to destroy the Union? (Score 1) 86

The Soviet Union fell in a matter of hours, the Berlin Wall in a week. You are kidding. The seeds of the destruction of the Soviet Union were planted before WWII was even over. Nothing happens on that scale in hours, weeks or months. That truly is naive. The history behind the events the you mention span decades. And, yes, Virginia (girlintraining right?) the US is more impervious to the kind of social unrest you are implicating. For all of our insane federalism, we still have effective state and local governments (OK "somewhat" effective...) that, in a crisis, can and will take control. We also are constituted of people that will take action when needed. Can a small number of people do a great deal of damage? Absolutely. But they can't change peoples minds. Most people still believe that the US, as screwed up as it is, is just about best thing going. And no all you /.ers do not count. You do not accept everything that Fox "News" says nor do you watch nearly enough TV. Sorry, gotta go Torchwood is coming on... Cheers,

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