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Comment Re:And in any mobile device (Score 1) 211

So you're used to your iPhone and inflexible enough that you are unable to abstract UI concepts to different implementations on the fly.

Unfortunately, that's probably more typical than I'd like to admit.

I'm reasonably certain, however, that had you bought a Droid instead of an iPhone, you'd be making this exact same complaint in reverse.

Comment Re:And in any mobile device (Score 1) 211

Droids always come off as half finished to me, with no polish and poor craftsmanship in the hardware.

Then clearly you haven't spent significant time with one. I've never handled an Android phone that wasn't an impressive machine, although the early ones on t-mobile were a big premature. But my Moto Droid is simply fantastic.

Comment Re:What about multiplayer? (Score 1) 563

Unfortunately, YOUR point of view is wrong. It's all part of their master plan to stat count everything that we do. Dammit, at the end of the week, if I'm the one who's had the most beers, I want an achievement! If all the massive paranoia (which you are now parroting) has convinced you otherwise, sorry.

See? I can do that too.

Comment Re:Performance Issues (Score 1) 356

Other than a somewhat sluggish startup time (I'll grant you that much), I have never noticed any performance problems with Banshee--once it's up, it responds snappily to whatever I ask it to do. That's why it's my music player of choice on Linux. This is in contrast to Songbird, which (like all XUL applications, in my experience) is slow to start up, slow to respond, slow to render/play, freezes at random, etc.

Comment Irony (Score 4, Informative) 125

The fact of the matter is that, at least in the case of WoW, private servers are downright terrible. They are so incredibly bad that, after spending a few weeks trying some different ones, I was actually driven to spend money on the real deal to have a decent gameplay experience.

Besides obvious problems like population shortage, all the servers I tried had two things in common; the first was XP scaling. In every server I tried, without fail, the exp scaling was always either too low, making it impossible to level properly through normal questing, or far, FAR too high, to the point that you'd finish a quest and have to walk a few miles to find another one you could get XP for.

The second problem common to all of these servers is really stupid glitches, especially terrain glitches. They come in all shapes and sizes. On every private server I tried, it is basically impossible to do any quest around small houses or in a mine (unless you are part of a party or already too high of a level), because as soon as a mob notices you, ten or so mobs in other rooms notice you and charge you through the walls. On servers that already have trouble with not dealing out enough XP this is pretty damn frustrating.

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