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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 0, Flamebait) 169

Yeah, yeah, ha ha. p0rn drives the bandwidth on the internet. Thank goodness for LHC computing: because it is sure to have an impact on bandwidth over and above all those bill-paying consumers downloading p0rn, movies, games and music every night. Make sure you write to your senator and congressperson extolling its virtues, that's what LHC computing people want. LHC computing: the Tang of IT, the Teflon of Particle Physics.

Sorry to unload on you, but I've had it with Slashdot.

"Large Hardon Collider" Score 5: funny.
"It'll certainly result in new technologies for dealing with this stuff becoming cheaper.": Score 4: Insightful.
"It adds nothing to IT above what was demonstrably already there": Score 1: Ignored.

Gee willikers, maybe Vint Cerf could invent another useful protocol to route commercial data on the LHC networks when the beam is down. A protocol in addition to his very useful interplanetary communication protocol and his very useful communications protocol for robots. And maybe those very bright young men and women can find a way for me to help them analyze LHC data in my screen saver while I'm going to the potty. And it's going to cure cancer too? Oh please, raise my taxes now!

Oh, and goodbye! You fellas take care now. Don't eat too much bulls**t, it could give you bad breath.

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