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Submission + - GOSU programming language now opensourced ( 1

pddo writes: GOSU (formerly known as gscript) that is used in the Guidewire platform has been opened up under the apache license. With the traction that groovy and scala already have, will another JVM language make much difference?

Submission + - The Maxine Research Virtual Machine (

pddo writes: "The Java VM is commonly used and usually sits on another language to to directly talk to the CPU. Here we see a new twist on the stack with the Java VM itself that runs on Java."

Comment Re:What about internet downtime? (Score 1) 155

gmail does give you the ability to connect via POP or IMAP so storing your emails off line (even drafts) is no issue. Companies that use google apps simply needed to educate their users how to use this type of connectivity. Google calendar also lets you sync easily to outlook although they have not (as far as I am aware) provided syncing apps for other calendering apps. The biggest issue will be for google docs and other google apps for which there isn't an offline equivalent.

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