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Journal Journal: Sweet!

I qualify to turn off the advertisements on Slashdot! I think I'll keep them on though, they're not that bad or intrusive.
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Google must be preparing to come out of beta, my gmail invite count jumped to 50 some time last night. Anyone want one? Yours, just email me. pdboddy [at] gmail [dot] com
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Journal Journal: Blogging for Help

Ok folks, Tsunami Help is a Blogger-based blog that is dedicated to directing people to the right people and places in order to ensure that donations are going to the right direction. There is also the latest news on the tradegy.

You can find the blog here.

Journal Journal: Still... Gmail invites!

Ok folks, back from Edmonton, and still sitting with three Gmail invites to give away. All it takes is an email. :P
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Journal Journal: Gmail invites....

As the subject says, and I have mentioned before, send me an email for a Gmail invite. I've three, that's 3, to give away. And to mbonig, one is reserved specifically for you, so just email me for it.
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Journal Journal: Merry Christmas from Edmonton, Canada, and GMAIL INVITES!

Well folks, I am off on a well-earned vacation to the blustery city of Edmonton. I'm standing at a Shaw Internet terminal in some mall somewhere, and in checking my gmail account, I find I have six invites sitting around. I'm giving away three of them! So if you read this, send me an email and I'll send you a gmail invite. No cheesy goatse links neither! And, to the user by the name of mbonig, I have a gmail invite set aside for you, just email me dammit. :P

And, merry christmas to everyone!
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Journal Journal: Gmail invites... continued.

Well, I'm fresh out of Gmail invites for now folks. I'll post another journal comment when I have a few more.

And again to the Slashdot user mbonig, I have an invite set aside for you. Send an email or post here with your email addy, and I'll fire it off.

Journal Journal: Gmail invites 1

Ok, anyone looking for gmail invites, email me. I've a few to send out. And to Mbonig, I've one for you, seriously. Send an email...

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