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Comment Re:It is Mims, not Mimms (Score 1) 105

I think that Forest Mims can be honored for the number of people he inspired. There are many people who have religious views that I do not share but nonetheless they have helped many people. Perhaps, another man who is a Lutheran and an author of "Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About" and a brilliant mathematician is Donald Knuth. I don't share their beliefs but I can still honor their work.

Submission + - Facebook ditches App Verification Program (

angry tapir writes: "Facebook has abruptly decided to pull the plug on its Application Verification program, which let external developers pay to have their applications certified as exceeding certain requirements. "We're retiring the formerly optional Application Verification brand, submission process, fees and badge; the program's higher standards will be required and applications will be subject to review at any time," wrote Facebook official Ethan Beard in a blog post."

Submission + - Why Developers Get Fired (

jammag writes: "Other coders get canned — but never you, right? From a developer who's now a manager (and who admits being fired himself) comes the inside story on how the Big Ax might sneak up on you. To prevent it, he recommends some strategic bragging, keeping a CYA folder to document your efforts, and making sure that your talent isn't frittered away so much that even your most mediocre colleagues look good. Cover your butt!"

Comment Science works (Score 2, Informative) 950

Dr Ratley, Harvard has documented effect of exercise in HS math based on 25 min daily exercise in target zone. NBC Naperville HS Too much Fox news rots the brain and induces paranoia, but I forgot where that is documented.

Comment Re:Save your money (Score 5, Insightful) 755

I agree. My wife was so pleased that we did something different, well a little different, titanium. You might consider asking her in a very vague/hypothecal sort of way if she were to some day consider being married if she feels strongly about what sort of ring she would like or could she be pleased if someone might just surprise her. I think some girls like to be surprised and like being a little unique, but others would stomp on you if you gave them something other than what they have wanted all their fecund life.

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