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Comment Family Plans and In-App Purchases don't get along (Score 1) 92

If the app cost $9.99 to download then I'd have already purchased it. Just like DS and Wii games before it.

My beef is I have a family account setup, so my family could share a $10 purchased game, but I need to buy the $10 in app purchase on every member of the families account. In app are great for the speed ups, they suck for actual functionality.

Comment Re:What's DevOps? (Score 1) 166

We have a few "test automation" people floating around, their managers want QA people embedded on their development teams and they only want to do it was to have programming skills as a job requirement. As a bonus it is a developer position/salary.

Comment Re:So, it is a culture after all (Score 1) 166

In my work, I'm viewing DevOps as automating the interactions between the Dev and Ops teams. For years the two sides would blame each other for everything and work to prove whatever happened was the other guys fault because they didn't want "root cause" to be assigned to them. With the few projects we have the deployment and configuration tasks completely automated, if an application isn't working then the developers have to own up. If a deployment fails the prerequisites then the ops guys can't hide the fact they didn't complete their tasks on time (regardless of what they tell the PM).

Functional Silos, no one does them better than an old Enterprise IT shop.

Comment Congreve Cube (Score 1) 266

The congreve cube is the best cube, but only because Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium is a great movie to watch Natalie Portman while eating hot grits.


Toxic Algae Threatens Florida's Gulf Coast 99

As reported by Discovery News, After Toledo had to temporarily ban residents from using tap water last weekend because of a toxic algae bloom on Lake Erie, you probably figured that we’d filled the quota of bad algae-related news for the summer. No such luck, unfortunately. Off the Gulf Coast of Florida, the biggest red tide bloom seen in Florida in nearly a decade already has killed thousands of fish. The bloom, which contains the microorganism Karenia brevis, may pose a public health threat to Floridians if it washes ashore, which is expected to happen in the next two weeks, according to Reuters. NBC News says this is the largest such bloom seen since 2006 — approximately 50 x 80 miles.

Comment Freelance work (Score 1) 309

If you want to build up those two years of experience, and don't mind working on short deadlines and for maybe less money than you want, start bidding on small projects on sites like and

Then with a list of clients and references built up over time you will either have a much easier time getting internships once you are a junior/senior OR you might just want to keep doing your own thing.

Comment Focus on a Help Desk / Junior Admin (Score 2) 383

My first recommendation is to calculate your cost of downtime due to a failed hardware or software component you control. In some manufacturing environments even an extra hour (if your out of the office and need to drive in) could pay a $25k salary for a year.

Next is to focus on getting a dedicated resource for intake of calls/emails and to handle most of the running around. The first 2 years someone is out of school they are most willing to work for really cheap. Introduce yourself to some teachers at the local community college or trade schools and even see about getting some students during their on the job training to show the improved response time to incoming requests without actually costing the company money.

Once management gets better service, losing it might just make them more willing to pay to get it back.


Amazon Caves On Kindle 2 Text-To-Speech 370

On Wednesday we discussed news that the Authors Guild had objected to the text-to-speech function on Amazon's Kindle 2, claiming that it infringed on audio book copyright. Today, Amazon said that while the feature is legally sound, they would be willing to disable text-to-speech on a title-by-title basis at the rightsholder's request. "We have already begun to work on the technical changes required to give authors and publishers that choice. With this new level of control, publishers and authors will be able to decide for themselves whether it is in their commercial interests to leave text-to-speech enabled. We believe many will decide that it is."

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