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Comment Re: Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 460

I disagree. It is my government which has conflated two somewhat disparate ideas into one. When a person goes to a chapel and swears before God that he will love, honor, etc., that is a religious ceremony. When you get a marriage license, combine your assets, joint-file taxes and all that other business, that is the contractual marriage. Government has decided that legal marriage is necessarily constrained by The tenets of a certain subset of Christian versions of holy matrimony. Government should get completely out of the "marriage" business and offer only civil unions regardless of the sex of the two entering into the agreement.

Comment Re: Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 460

First... Im not super-confident that many Republican legislatures WOULD certainly outlaw "unnatural" sex. However... Republicans definitely overwhelmingly want to outlaw gay marriage, which is the height of regulating people's private and religious lives. This to me is not any more or less odious than regulating my bedroom.

Comment Re: Doing Trump's work for him (Score 5, Funny) 460

Hmm. If you could be honest with yourself for a minute you'd accept the truth that everyone in America wants it for free. The only difference is that democrats want a safety net that they can't afford, whereas Republicans simply want their roads, their military, and their Medicare and want to live tax-free, apparently paying for the programs with manna from the sky.

Comment Re: expanded (Score 1, Insightful) 660

http://www.snopes.com/orlando-... 1. What has his political party got to do with anything? 2. Registering one time as a Democrat ten years ago had little to do with whatever his political views were two weeks ago. After all, Trump was a Democrat too. In my mind, when you tossed in the weak link to Democrats you immediately lost any and all credibility. Your further comment about "bleeding hearts" pegged you down as jJust another Rush Limbaugh listening, low info voting, Guns and Ammo reading while while stroking partisan shill.

Comment Re: FM radio's last gasp? (Score 2) 340

More accurately, NPR reports on topics of interest to a broad swath of consumers in a factual and thorough way, without making pains to appeal to the emotions of a specific subgroup. That this method of journalism does not well-align itself with conservatives, Republicans, or their agendas is not an indictment of NPR's supposed biases. Rather, it is a reflection of just how insulated from the facts and others' viewpoints some groups of media consumers have become. And guests of their shows frequently express leanings toward or away from specific ideologies, both left and right. While the guests may be pressed in ways that make them uncomfortable, in no way are they intentionally offended or denigrated by the hosts. The firing of Juan Williams was a gaffe. While I do agree that some statements he had made did make it difficult to see him as a credible and objective reporter on some topics, I do not think that it is correct to fire a journalist or any employee for personal viewpoints unless they are expressed in such a way as to be harmful or disruptive to the business.

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