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Comment Re: First rule of journalism. (Score 1) 240

Again, the bottleneck is not likely the CPU in this scenario. Memory bandwidth and latency are key factors in seeing the CPU fully utilized. What's a the typical memory latency these days on x86? 12 cycles? Games must make tradeoffs in how many tasks can be run in parallel vs how efficiently they access ram pages. Cache misses kill performance on pipelined CPUs. Work is organized to minimize cache misses. This requires that some tasks are run in serial, essentially creating an upper limit on how parallel the games code can be run.

Comment Re: First rule of journalism. (Score 1) 240

An overbroad and irrelevant statement. First, "most coders" don't need to understand running decision trees in parallel in order to implement such a thing. Just like every coder doesn't need to understand the intricacies of the x86 CPU or have a PhD in mathematics. For these specialized aspects of a games architecture you hire specialists. Second, most home PCs are running quad to octa core CPUs. It doesn't take a genius to eek out all the performance you can per clock. This is a well understood problem and there is no shortage of solutions. Developers are still constrained by the hardware, plain and simple.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

You are missing the point. The point is that they pay almost no taxes now. Even if Trump, by some miracle, managed to score a net-zero tax bill for Apple, that pretty much puts them exactly where they already are. Now all Trump would have to do is convince workers that it's in their benefit to work for the same wages, benefits and under the same conditions as the Chinese workers. And don't forget, all the components that are built and raw materials which are processed in China now need to be transferred to the USA or also manufactured here. Which again means the manufacturers of those components need to move to USA and operate at margins that their foreign counterparts do. And even after all of this, their products at best stay the same price, at worse still become more expensive. Only now there are fewer people who can afford them since they're working for much less. Well, there is one other way... Trump can just subsidize Apple. Pay them to stay here.

Comment Re: Taxes = theft (Score 3, Insightful) 579

Yawn. This is the same argument climate deniers use. "It was cold today in my neighborhood so how could there possibly be global warming?" Just because you don't have a crime problem where you live, that absolutely does not mean that there are no crime issues anywhere. And you just pointed out that you are NOT even paying taxes to staff a large police force. So what are you complaining about??? Isn't that the ideal situation? Paying only for what you use? That is unless you want your services for free, which would put you into the same basket of Republicans/libertarians who want something for nothing.

Comment Re: Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 461

I disagree. It is my government which has conflated two somewhat disparate ideas into one. When a person goes to a chapel and swears before God that he will love, honor, etc., that is a religious ceremony. When you get a marriage license, combine your assets, joint-file taxes and all that other business, that is the contractual marriage. Government has decided that legal marriage is necessarily constrained by The tenets of a certain subset of Christian versions of holy matrimony. Government should get completely out of the "marriage" business and offer only civil unions regardless of the sex of the two entering into the agreement.

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