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Comment What about Open eBooks? (Score 1) 1634

You would think that the FSF would have at least given Apple credit for using the open, non-DRMed ePub format. Getting major book and periodical publishers to sign up for an Open standard is a big plus. Yes, Apple didn't eliminate all DRM and release a GNU/Herd based platform yesterday, but with the iPad Apple continues to move (slightly) in the direction of more open media, which is good for everyone.

In short, the FSF should give Apple credit for what they did right and encourage them to do more instead of haranguing them for not doing everything you want at once.

Submission + - Mac OS X 10.6.2 Will NOT Block Atom Processors (

pcaylor writes: It looks like the reports of Apple disabling support of Atom processors in Mac OS 10.6.2 was premature. The latest developer build of 10.6.2 (10C535) apparently works fine on Atom based systems. As Stell's Blog writes:
Wow, didn't expect to get linked all over the internet for this damn post. Anyways, in the latest development build Atom appears to have resurrected itself zombie style in 10C535. The Atom lives another day, but nothing is concrete until the final version of 10.6.2 is out.

Perhaps people shouldn't freak out quite so much when unsupported processors break in an development build.

Comment Re:I'm not seeing it. (Score 5, Informative) 249

The maps are accurate but Verizon originally referred to the areas without 3G coverage as 'Out of Touch' That sounds a lot worse than 'falling back to 2G EDGE' Verizon has agreed to remove the 'Out of Touch' phrasing though. AT&T wants Verizon to show their full data coverage map without distinction between EDGE and 3G. And on such trivialities, lawyers get rich.

Submission + - Preparing for a wave of offshoring-related layoffs

PetManimal writes: "The Brookings Institution has released a PDF report that paints a grim picture of the affect of offshoring on metropolitan economies in the United States. The report says at least 17 percent of computer programming, software engineering, and data entry jobs are likely to be offshored in certain metropolitan areas, especially in the Northeast and West. Another estimate of the impact of offshoring on IT found that 49 out of 50 states have cities that will be impacted by offshoring (Wyoming was the only state not affected). One of the people interviewed for the second article gave some advice on detecting layoffs, and avoiding them:

A layoff can come for many reasons, such as a merger or spin-off or economic changes. Most workers will detect some warning signs, such as seeing a manager's office doors closed more often and having formerly positive feedback on job performance suddenly turn negative, [independent IBM consultant Jamie] Giovanetto said. Memos outlining new cost-saving initiatives or "stupid cost-cutting" measures, such as reducing office supplies, are another tip-off, he said. He recommends reading a company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings, as well as networking with customers and competitors who may have insights. Avoiding a layoff requires you to give the best you can on the job, but even little things can make a difference, Giovanetto said. Working at becoming a subject-matter expert and keeping a clean, organized and professional-looking work space may lead to better assignments. "It's just an appearance thing, but it does pay benefits," he said.

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