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Comment Computer chess is changing (Score 2, Interesting) 368

An interesting observation on the current crop of top PC chess programs. Rybka, the program that tops all the ranking lists, does so with a node count that is much lower. That is, Rybka looks at around a tenth of the number of positions per second compared to other programs. The reason is does so well, is that it has a very sophisticated evaluation algorithm for each position it examines. In some sense, it has better chess knowledge than other programs.

And this is the difference between Kasparov and Deep Blue (and other chess computers). The computer can analyse millions of positions per second. Kasparov might examine only a couple of positions per second, but he does so with far greater knowledge and insight - he recognizes when pieces are coordinated and mobile, when pawn structures are strong, when his king is safe.

Submission + - Kansas abandons "intelligent design" in s

joe90 writes: Kansas has repealed public school science guidelines questioning the theory of evolution that brought the state international ridicule, but educators aren't sure how long it will be before the decision is overturned. The State Board of Education approved new, evolution-friendly science standards with a 6-4 vote Tuesday, replacing ones that questioned the theory and had the support of "intelligent design" advocates.

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