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Comment US Price Plans..... (Score 2) 404

..... are shockingly expensive.

It amazes me that in the US you're expected to pay extra for voicemail, SMS packages, tethering etc. These are the basic services that make even a dumb phone usable. Without them, you may as well be sending smoke signals.

I'm currently with 3 Ireland. I paid €100 for my HTC Explorer. I pay €20 per month for unlimited SMS messages, unlimited data, unlimited calls to numbers on the same network, unlimited weekend calls to any number. Every time I top up by €20, I get €10 free credit. I get free tethering to my laptop. The only time my credit is used is when I call numbers during the week that aren't on the 3 network.

Ireland is a small country with four main networks. Competition is pretty tough, but having a mobile phone is pretty cheap. My 8 year old nieces and nephews have their own phones, and pay for the majority of their credit themselves from pocket money etc.

Comment Violating Principles of Physics? I Don't Think So. (Score 1) 379

It doesn't violate the principles of physics. It works exactly as the physics determines it should. What it does do is take advantage of people's misconceptions and ignorance of physics.

It's the old story of more money than sense, or to be more accurate, the (almost as) old story of taking advantage of people with more money than sense.

Submission + - Ecuador Grants Asylum to Julian Assange (guardian.co.uk)

paulmac84 writes: "The Guardian are live blogging the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister's announcement that Ecuador is to grant asylum to Julian Assange. In the announcement Minister Patino said, "We can state that there is a risk that he will be persecuted politically... We trust the UK will offer the necessary guarantees so that both governments can act adequately and properly respect international rights and the right of asylum. We also trust the excellent relationship the two countries have will continue.". The Guardian also carries a translated copy of the letter the UK sent to Ecuador regarding the threat to "storm" the Ecuadorian embassy."

Submission + - UK Authorities Threaten to Storm Ecuadorian Embassy to Arrest Julian Assange (bbc.co.uk)

paulmac84 writes: "According to the BBC, the UK have issued a threat to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest Julian Assange. Under the terms of the Diplomatic and Consular Premises Act 1987 the UK has the right to revoke the diplomatic immunity of any embassy on UK soil. Ecuador are due to announce their decision on Assange's asylum request on Thursday morning."

Submission + - Google Guilty of Infringing Java (bbc.co.uk)

paulmac84 writes: The jury in the Oracle v Google case have returned guilty verdicts in three of the four questions put to them. They were unable to agree on the fourth question: whether Google's use of Java constituted fair use under copyright laws. What now for Android and Java?

Comment Re:If only we had a space program ... (Score 5, Insightful) 112

I'll bite. Some of us like to push the boundaries of what is thought possible. Some of us would like to see for ourselves what it is like outside the Earth's gravity well. The space program has pushed forward our technology in too many ways to list here. Why shouldn't we continue to push forward those boundaries? No one denies that it isn't difficult or complex, but in trying to attempt the impossible we learn more about our world and the universe we inhabit. On one hand you argue that space is too big and our technology too small, and then you argue that we should root for life extension not because it is easy but because it is hard. Sounds to me that you make the same argument for life extension as you do for not having a space program. I also find it ironic that you quote JFK from a speech he gave about going to the moon.

Comment Re:What was the point of this exercise? (Score 1) 943

Except that those who say the Universe popped into being 13.7 billion years ago and that life evolved naturally over the period of approx. 4 billion years have literally mountains of evidence to back up their claims. Those that claim their imaginary friend did it have no evidence to back up their claims, apart from a book that was started a couple of thousand years ago, that has been translated several times from the original language, exists in several different versions and was compiled several hundred to a couple of thousand years after the events were supposed to take place and offers no evidence apart from "it's in this book, it must be true".

I know who I consider to be crazy.

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