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Comment Re:Love to use it, but... (Score 1) 383

Yeah, it's a shame. I'd love to see official versions for both Mac and Linux as soon as possible.

This really reminds me of Skype. The Skype version for Windows is ages ahead of the ones on Mac and Linux. I had to use Skype on a Windows computer, and I was blown away by the interface changes and features. Let's hope that Chrome doesn't become that.

Granted, at least Google is working a Mac version. There are even development builds that can be downloaded. I don't think it's anywhere near beta quality, though. Hopefully this doesn't mean that by version 6 of Chrome for Windows, Mac users will be rewarded with Chrome 1 for Mac :-P

Comment Re:Linkstation Pro Duo (Score 1) 697

Yup, 10W is closer to the truth. If the drives are working hard and seeking, I think most drives actually approach 15W.

You can cure this by using WD's "green" series drives. They use around 5W when idle and less than 10W when seeking. Their performance is almost at par with their normal drives, and it's perfect for a NAS or storage device.

Submission + - vBulletin steals from their existing customers ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: vBulletin released new licensing scheme for its customers. Before you were allowed to renew your license for a nominal fee (60$) to stay up to date, whenever you wanted when owning an license. Current expired licenses are now officially worth nothing, as vBulletin decided to prevent its customers from renewing just as they released the information about the new licensing. This means current license holders with an expired license have to pay the full price to upgrade instead of the renewal fee that was agreed upon when the 3.x version was bought. Many customers are understandingly angry over this situation and it should be brought up to the big screen.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 2, Interesting) 408

Why is the parent modded funny? I think it's an honest comment. I've been using Gmail for 5 years now (precisely since September 2004) and this is only the second outage that I've experience which prevented me from logging in.

The only thing that bugs me is the Gmail user interface. Sometimes it doesn't record my actions (such as reading messages) and has an indefinite "Loading..." message which forces me to reload the whole page. But, this could also be something related to Safari.


Submission + - Intel Core 2 "Penryn" and Linux (

LHoAugustus writes: "Linux Hardware has posted a look at the new Intel "Penryn" processor and how the new processor will work with Linux. "Intel recently released the new "Penryn" Core 2 processor with many new features. So what are these features and how will they equate into benefits to Linux users? That's what Linux Hardware is here to unravel. In this review I'll cover all the high points of the new "Penryn" core and talk to a couple Linux projects about the impact on end-user performance.""

Submission + - Why do geeks have lust for ZFS?

paulius_g writes: "This is an article for those of who have been living under a rock for the past few years. In the recent builds of Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X Leopard, developers have started noticing that there is an option to format a partition using ZFS (Zettabyte file system). There is still no mention from Apple whether this will remain in the final builds, but the file system matches exactly Apple's plans for Leopard. This article will explain you everything that you need to know about ZFS aswell as why I'm so exciting about its inclusion. Read on to learn more."

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