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Comment Re:Where's my IPv6 (Score 1) 546

There is a ton of code is slash (the codebase that /. runs on) that works with IPv4 only addresses. It takes a bit of work to make all of that code work properly with IPv6. One interesting issue is subnets. Some of slash's limit put on users is also put on the subnet as well mostly to block AC's that may use many IP address within a subnet. On IPv6 the notion of a subnet in the way it is used in slash is a hard to pin down. Some major decisions must be made to make IPv6 work similar to what IPv4 slash does in these cases.

Note: this is based on the older code that /. ran on when D2 was a child, the last time that the code was updated and open source. It may have change drastically since then, but I doubt it.

Comment Re:Walmart's efficient distribution is a myth (Score 1) 203

Well they did not sell any o f the unstocked items this week so the predictive ordering system did not order any. Or it sent two and both were sold so it sends another two, which will be sold immediately. I blame this system for why they get rid of items from the system. They never order enough to keep the shelves stocked, so the system thinks that they hardly sell any so it is a good item to remove from the inventory.

Comment Re:There Is A Single Answer (Score 1) 222

When rotors warp there is a single answer as to why. They were not designed/manufactured thick enough. Don't blame driving styles or any bullshit like that. Brake rotors should be able to glow red and still not warp.

Worse still, with the regenerative braking system there the rotors shouldn't even need to be as high-spec as those in comparable sports cars.

And that is why there is an issue. Regenerative breaking does not help much when you do a panic stop on the highway from 65 MPH. A smaller sized rotor would be easier to warp in that scenario.

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