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Comment Re:Same with music (Score 2, Interesting) 366

Exactly, I've listened to some terrible 30-year-old cassette tapes of live shows, etc. The audio quality is atrocious and sometimes you can barely make out what's going on, but it's amazing how quickly you stop noticing that once you become engrossed in the music itself.

On the other hand, a nice CD-quality version of a terrible song will still make me want to turn the speakers off. :)

Comment Re:*Smack Face* (Score 5, Interesting) 145

I have a "good" gmail address (my full and I constantly get e-mail from other people signing up for things who apparently don't know their own e-mail address. I've received passwords and various other sensitive data. Sprint was sending me receipts for someone's very large corporate purchases, I kept replying and forwarding them to sprint's customer care and they basically told me they can't do anything about it and to just delete them and not worry about it.

It's also amazing how many sites will not let you unsubscribe without providing some kind of personal info. Seriously? They let you sign up with the wrong address without confirming it, but I can't unsubscribe unless I know the last 4 digits of the guy's SSN?

Comment EA Sports has already been doing this for rosters (Score 1) 223

EA Sports has already been doing this for roster updates, for example NBA Live 2009 contained a card which entitles you to one season of roster updates. If you rent the game, buy used, etc, you would need to purchase the roster updates subscription instead (for $10 or so). If they are also charging for roster updates, renters or purchasers could potentially be hit with even more fees than just the $10 online play fee (not to mention if you have an Xbox 360, Microsoft already charges a monthly fee to play games online in the first place).

Current-year used EA Sports games in stores are typically just $1 to $5 cheaper than new ones (previous year's sports games are virtually worthless used, prices drop to $1.99 after a couple seasons have passed), so the extra fees can make buying used current-year titles much more expensive than buying the game new. EA wins.

Comment Re:Beauty is in ... (Score 1) 519

I bought one of the Unicomp keyboards on eBay. Despite the seller's description, the thing was nasty. There was so much hair, skin, and general "other person's ickyness" on it, I was really bummed. So, I popped off all the keys, threw them into a bowl and soaked them in warm soapy water for a couple hours. I took some Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol and cleaned out the sludge that was underneath the keys. Put it all back together and the thing was clean and good as new. I love it and a few people who have used my computer to check e-mail or whatever have commented on how nice the keyboard feels. I ended up buying another one for my other PC.

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