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Comment Re:this isnt a surprise (Score 1) 48

I would argue that a goto to break out of the loop is clearer that the break. While examining the code, it is possible to miss a break in the middle of a long complicated loop, but you will certainly notice a label statement coming after its end.

Comment Re:Yes, NetBSD can run some Linux binaries. (Score 1) 45

This is one of the reasons why so many former Linux users have moved to FreeBSD or NetBSD after being driven away from Linux by systemd, PulseAudio, GNOME 3, and other problematic software like that. Most Linux programs worth using compile just fine on the *BSDs, but if there are legacy, closed-source Linux applications that must be used there is at least some chance that they may work on FreeBSD or NetBSD. This makes for a very easy transition path away from Linux, or more correctly, away from systemd (it isn't the Linux kernel itself that most people have problems with, of course).

Do you think that switching to a *BSD is easier than just installing a distribution without systemd?

I'm not even going to comment about the obvious gnome3 fallacy

Comment Re:PasswordSafe (Score 5, Insightful) 415

Except that many websites do not accept very long passwords, and most will require it to contain an upper case letter and/or a number, and may even bitch if you put the upper case at the beginning and the number at the end, at which point you put them somewhere else and you forget the password the moment you press "ok".

Comment Re:This is what metrics gets you (Score 1) 160

"It's not fast, but the best at all the things you want to do." -- "So you should be using Chrome instead!"

Yeah, right.

To strengthen you point: if you want to use the same browser on desktop and on your smartphone, Firefox is the only one that has proper ad-blocking on mobile. Many other mobile browsers have ad-blocking, but none of the block those intolerable "related content" fake news bottom-of-the-page spammers. Only Firefox with ublock origin properly blocks invasive ads on Android.

The other ad-blockers on mobile (integrated in the browser or not) suck so much that I'm beginning to think they are all getting money from advertisers. And of course, google chrome does not block anything at all, which is very bad considered how much android malvertising there is. There is one Android browser called Yandex, that support desktop extensions, but surprise!, ublock and adblock plus are not supported. You are stuck with its built-in adblocker, which does not block anything.

I've tried so many times to use anything else that firefox on Android, but after two days of surfing the web in a minuscule square in the center of flashing advertisement, after being redirected to the play store to install stupid games, after too many pop-overs with a minuscule x, I always go back to Firefox.

To sum up: if Firefox is noticeably slow on Android, it is much less noticeably so on any decent desktop or laptop. Also, I like syncing desktop with mobile, to avoid having to retype password on the virtual keyboard, and to quickly find in the history a page I may have visited on my phone. So Firefox be it, on mobile because it is by far the best (even if very slow) and on desktop because it does not really suck that much, and it is the only one that sync with mobile.

But the day where Chrome or Opera support proper ad-blocking on Android (and Opera can do ffmpeg decode on Linux without going crazy), or Vivaldi releases an Android version, I'm sorry for Firefox, if it has not catch up on performance, its going to be retired.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 5, Informative) 220

Too bad Linux still use the archaic terminal.

Saying that Linux still uses the archaic terminal, is like saying that F1 drivers still uses the archaic manual transmission. Seriously, we use it because it works for us. Actually, most of us use Linux because of the terminal, not the terminal because of Linux.

When OSX started to properly support terminal interface it started to attract developers, and now that more an more operations have become difficult without a GUI (i.e. debugging), developers are dropping it again.

Comment Re:Verizon is gradually coming clean (Score 1) 196

They sold this plan until 2011, at that time 3G connection had been available for 8 years, and 4G was already being discussed. They are a professional service provider, they had the ideal amount of information to predict future technology and market development. Still they decided to sell unlimited plans.

Comment Preinstall it or die (Score 3, Insightful) 191

Seriously, those of us who can install an operating system are hardly scared by "moving to a desktop environment like GNOME or Unity can be confusing and scary (from TFA)." Those of us who are scared by such a monstrous change in paradigm will never be able to install an OS, or understand that an OS is not part of the laptop, for what matters.

Either these guys manage to get their stuff preinstalled on some decent PCs, and I wish them the best luck possible, or I hardly see some hacker giving them 15 bucks for the privilege of a macosx-inspired theme, 20 crappy games and video wallpapers (I may give them some money to NOT have video wallpapers).

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