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Comment Re:We don't want to be negative about Mozilla. (Score 1) 191

They pretty much gave up on Thunderbird.

I think their strategy towards Thunderbird is absolutely wrong.

What they did: abandon Thunderbird. "Sorry pals, now you are on your own"

What I would have done: create a thunderbird.com service, competing with GMail and Outlook.com. Plus provide Thunderbird as a desktop/offline client, like Microsoft does with Outlook. THAT would have been a logical step: further develop one of your products, provide a cloud version, take a % of a successful existing market (e-mail outsourcing) which provides recurrent income, etc

They can still do that but as some other people have already said, they are too busy meddling in unrelated fields where everybody knows they cannot succeed, such as Firefox OS, Rust and now IoT.

Comment Fed up (Score 5, Interesting) 167

I see more and more people in IT leaving their jobs to work on something else.

People are fed up with low pay, crazy schedules, lots of pressure -often times for no reason!- and technology changing at Formula 1 speed (just take a look at the web: what was good and trendy 2 years ago is proscribed today).

To top that up, add off-shoring: today you are key, tomorrow your job is in India, Vietnam or who knows where. People do not like job insecurity.

What are they moving to? Everything else: law, gardening, plumbing, cake shops, teaching, whatever with a more relaxed schedule, people not discussing about hourly cost and difficult or impossible to offshore. Really.

Comment Re:As always, guidelines are for beginners (Score 1) 262

Nobody uses GOTO anymore. With event driven programming and call back functions, it all spaghetti code strewn with COME FROM statements, effectively.

You have never read the Linux kernel source code, systemd, Samba, etc, have you? They use goto extensively and it results in easy to understand code.

Comment HiSilicon (Score 1) 134

Most Chinese cameras use a HiSilicon 3518C SoC running Linux 2.6 (or 2.4, I cannot remember).

A year ago a reverse engineered the firmware of one of those cameras (it was not easy to persuade the seller in Alibaba to send it). With that, I built a compiler toolchain for the Hi3518C, re-generated the firmware and flashed it. There is a binary blob for the camera and it's not easy to replace it because it's not a UVC driver (it pre-dates UVC).

The plan was to get rid of the ActiveX and replace it with an HTML5 player and some other nifty stuff but then I got involved in another project and never finished that.

Comment ARM 10 years ago (Score 2) 434

The situation with Android and Linux and the userland Android uses is essentially the same mess the Linux kernel suffered 10 years ago with ARM.

After years neglecting the problem, Linus finally decided something had to be done spend a lot of time merging, unifying and mainstreaming all the ARM shit. It was a great success, in part because ARM, Linaro and essentially everybody saw the benefit.

Comment Re:Not everything that shines is gold... (Score 3, Informative) 158

In Valencia, they have actually replaced every Windows, Microsoft Office and any other non-FLOSS software with LliureX. It was done last year, when Microsoft threatened to take legal action after the regional government failed to pay for Microsoft licenses. LliureX had been languishing for years before that, after a huge hype, excitement and first deployments about 10 years ago.

Had Microsoft not threatened to take legal action, Linux would not be in use today. Thank you, Microsoft!

Comment Predicted and alternative offered (Score 1) 71

It's sad to hear this but it's exactly what I predicted 2 years ago. I even provided an alternative that would work: use an "Android Core" as the base operating system, instead of Mer Linux, then port KDE to this "Android Core":


Interestingly, this is exactly what Digia did for Qt, with the Boot to Qt (AKA Qt Enterprise Embedded) solution, a while after I made my proposal.

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