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Comment Re:In a nutshell (Score 1) 148

Bad for you. It's very useful for quick calculations, translations, map searches, etc. I find it most useful to add tasks effortlessly to my Google Calendar.

I suggest you to try it, because it's quite handy.

Comment Re:Overhyped (Score 2, Interesting) 344

How can you over-hype a one-paragraph summary?

Five minutes into the video and I'm still none the wiser as to how this is supposed to be an improvement in the use of my computer, or more comfortable, or easier.

In my opinion, it isn't.

Putting all my apps into a single line and navigating that line is not efficient. I'll stick to Autohotkey which allows me to jump to any of my usual apps with a single keypress.

I found eliminating the mouse as much as possible and finding convenient keyboard shortcuts is the key to efficient computer use. Using a touchpad which is just an other kind of mouse is not the solution. For computer newbies it may be, but not for seasoned users.

Comment Re:Ads (Score 1) 365

Probably only if you use a wave server operated by Google.

But this is acceptable, since they devote their own resources to run it. You can always run your own server if you don't like it.

Comment Re:blame China (Score 1) 199

Let's not. See what offends me about this whole thing is that it's so obivious. If they'd just targeted America, it could have been anyone. But 'whoever' it was had to go and hit South Korea too, at the same time. Who hates both the US and South Korea?

It could be the Martians.

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