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Comment Re:Spoken like a city boy (Score 1) 401

"Please give everyone else the same benefit of freedom to choose where and how they want to live


obarthelemy was talking about the state of technology (and how it applies to most people in the country), not about requiring you to buy a vehicle that doesn't make sense for your situation.

i'm curious: do people in rural areas think the "city people" are making them do things against their will? even though rural areas are STRONGLY (little html joke there, ha ha) represented in the Senate and the electoral college, and equally represented in the House on a per capita basis?

Comment Re:We need more ideas such as this (Score 3, Interesting) 432

Even if a 1.5 light second long cable were feasible you'd still have to deal with the fact that, as far as I understand, the anchor would have to be in geosynchronous orbit. Since the Moon isn't in geosynchronous orbit, the surface moves relative to the Moon you'd end up winding the cable around the planet.

no, no! they would simply make the base of the elevator mobile, and put it onto a train that constantly runs around the equator at the speed of the earth's rotation, plus or minus (as appropriate) the speed of the moon's orbit.

think of the money we'd save getting things into orbit!

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