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Comment Re:The News Is Not Reality (Score 2) 279

Hi Samantha. You answer one side, but I am curious what you are really looking at. The way people seem or their work under duress. In undergrad do you think classmates might have created data especially when their experimental data did not look so good and they wanted a good grade? Did you possibly see activity like that in graduate work? If so does it make you wonder if that type of thing will continue? Work that looked pretty but did not make sense? Would your current position allow you to raise a family on its paycheck alone? If yes at what age could your compensation do that?

My major was microbiology and I do systems administration now. I make enough to support my wife who has medical issues. Kids might have happened if I did not lose a decade of income generation to science. End of of undergrad saw incredible cut throat competition for grades and an increase in rote study. In some graduate work I redid a study that went into a paper. The first study by a student was pretty by inconclusive. It was pretty because the time intervals where always the same in a procedure where that was quite frankly impossible.

As for the original poster it did seem to me that physics and math tend to have less of that than chem and biology. Biology was to crammed with people who thought they where going to be doctors and a over-crowed phd and masters market. If your a bachelors your real screwed as there are also allot of lab tech degrees. Essentially places can get phd's to do masters jobs and masters to do bachelors level. Anything left is cheapest to do with the lab techs. Also its hard to have to much rote study in math. My guess is physics and math might be alright. If you can pick up a CS minor or Secondary ed (not that this one would pay allot but there would be food on the table) onto your major, it would make a nice fallback position. Everyone who goes into science should have a fallback position.

Comment Re:Renewable or infinite? (Score 1) 835

I hope your joking. Most of the things you consume keep you alive. Very little extra is needed to ride a bike. You eat basically the same amount bike commuting or sitting your ass in a car. If you did need to eat more everyone would bike commute and gorge on high calorie food.

Comment Re:So both and get it done! (Score 1) 954

What gets me about any of these tax raise issues is most of the tax raising talked about just brings it back to mid 90's levels. I was around way back then and taxes where not a problem for me or for people I knew who where small businessmen. As a matter of fact is the best time period economically in my lifetime. What is wrong to going back to that tax rate when lowering them has seemed to lead to nothing but grief for our society.

Comment Re:Incentives, not challenge (Score 1) 841

And how. My brother always warned me about how little biology majors made, but it was not until I was out in the field before I found the need to switch careers. My comment to him later was. I knew I would not be rich, but I thought I would make enough to support a family modestly. Not so. Two science majors can support a family modestly assuming neither is ever out of work (at least years ago [97], I can only assume the wage situation is worse now). Rather than make it easier for people to get through the program which would be a real bad idea. Allow people who can make it through a program in stem to go tuition free. People would stay in the major then I guarantee and might even be able to handle the low wages without coming out of school in debt.

Comment Doodle would work kinda (Score 1) 167

Doodle would work. It has to sortof be on the honor system and you would have to designate times as votes. 12pm for yes and 1am for no with clicking both or not clicking both for abstentia. You can set it to secret and only count votes for a set name (tell them they have to vote with such and such a name and people can object if their name was used by someone else). Still it is ripe for abuse and not a secure system. But it is free and will tally votes so if you can work on the honor system it is great.

Comment Re:No need to break what isn't broken (Score 1) 408

What the hell are you talking about. I have never known corporations to be charged with crimes. They get fined and sued, but I do not remember one being put in jail (lets say the equivalent would be not allowing it to do business of any type for some period of time) or executed (being taken apart and sold, the closest thing I can think of for that is committing the ultimate American sin of not making a profit and going bankrupt). The problem with corporate person-hood is they are given rights without the risk of real punishment. I can't believe people are arguing corporations being treated like people as a good thing.

Comment Re:Wrong but right (Score 0) 391

"Getting the mission done with as few deaths as possible is the morally right thing for a commander to do."

Yes but that is not accomplished by manipulating senators. That is accomplished by the commander no deploying his troops.

"If there is a choice to be made between manipulating senators, and getting your people killed, I'd choose manipulating congressmen any time."

That is just a ridiculous statement. Manipulation is the worst kind of crime. It is the manipulators who got those people in a position to be killed in the first place and now they want to manipulate their way out. More will die that way.

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