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Comment Okay, you got it! (Score 2) 126

I am hardly a 'power' user of office software. I use it at home for some spreadsheats and word processing. The current Libre Office version in my Ubuntu 12.04... release freezes up my whole machine in ways OpenOffice never did.

There you have it. Anectodal evidence, but it is one data point. I could care less which one I'm using, but OpenOffice did work much better for me.

Comment Re:anyone surprised? (Score 1) 478

Well, duh. After the TSA "Fusion Centers" (fusing domestic spying and anal probes) got established all over the US with no public outcry, who can be surprised?

"We are spying on you. If we suspect you of something, we can do anything we want for as long as we want and if you talk back you are a proven enemy."

Are there people that read this site that also believe the television movie called The News played each night to get the group think going? Maybe I'd be more sympathetic if I watched TV... Where is that quote about fitting into a sick society...?

Comment Re:GPL is the problem (Score 1) 1075

" is concerned about the absolute freedom of the software, not the user or developer."

If that is what it means, y'all need a better way of saying it. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

"Information" (e.g. software) does not have wants and desires. It is confusing as hell to keep saying "Information wants..." or "freedom of the software". I have no idea WTF that means and I don't think everybody interprets it the same way as you. So as far as a communication goes, it is an epic fail.

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