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Comment Re:It is what it is (Score 1) 332

Perhaps, but we still sentenced people to prison for doing the exact same thing that we did.

Karl DÃnitz was sent to prison for sinking allied ships without warning, yet even at his trial, Admiral Chester Nimitz, wartime commander-in-chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, stated the U.S. Navy had waged unrestricted submarine warfare in the Pacific from the day the U.S. entered the war.

Sinking neutral ships without warning. Big difference. Plus there were all the other charges against him.

Comment Re:My Ass (Score 2, Informative) 633

No, he got congratulated for finding the flaw. He got in trouble for running a vulnerablity scan afterwards to verify that the flaw was fixed. He ran the vulnerability scan without the system administrators knowledge or permission. I agree that he should have gotten in trouble, maybe not expelled, but in trouble because the vulnerability scan could have crashed or corrupted the system.

Comment Re:...and don't forget... (Score 1) 242

I wouldn't use that stuff! We call it Elephant Snot. After pulling through a conduit with that crap it dries into a cement like blockage in the conduit. Use Pledge on the cables and they pull right through, it doesn't dry and cement everything in the conduit, and it isn't totally disgusting to pull on the cables on the other end of the conduit.



Should the Gov't Pay For Injured Man's Wii? 222

An anonymous reader writes "Politicians in the Australian state of Victoria are currently locked in a debate about whether an injured man should be able to claim the cost of a Nintendo Wii for rehabilitation purposes under worker's compensation. The man's doctor apparently recommended he use the Wii Fit exercise device, but both insurance companies and the government itself have blocked the payment and have now ridiculed the idea as paying for video games. But with the Wii Fit increasingly being used for rehabilitation purposes internationally, does the man have a fair case?"

Woman Tells State Judiciary Committee, "DoD Implanted A Microchip Inside Me" 222

The Georgia House Judiciary Committee took up a bill that would "prohibit requiring a person to be implanted with a microchip," and would make violating the ban a misdemeanor. Things started to get weird at the hearing when a woman who described herself as a resident of DeKalb County told the committee, "I'm also one of the people in Georgia who has a microchip." Not sure of what she was trying to say, she was allowed to continue and added, "Microchips are like little beepers. Just imagine, if you will, having a beeper in your rectum or genital area, the most sensitive area of your body. And your beeper numbers displayed on billboards throughout the city. All done without your permission." Further prodding revealed that the woman's co-workers would torture her by activating the chips with their cell phones and that the chips were implanted by "researchers with the federal government." The committee thanked the woman for her input, and later approved the bill.

Comment Re:Technologically easy (socially impossible) (Score 1) 228

They want to scan outbounds? Stupid, stupid, stupid. You are preventing people from encrypting. (Yes, I know we're talking about the unclassified network. Doesn't matter; an email to your sweetie saying what time you'll be home, is worthy of encryption.)

Considering we are talking about DoD users here, and DoD users include soldiers. Emailing your sweetie to tell what time you will be home is in violation of OPSEC, and should be blocked from going out of the mail server in the first place.

Apple Promises Mother Lode to Billionth App Downloader 119

An anonymous reader writes "Apple has posted a counter of App Store downloads as they approach one billion downloads. The lucky billionth downloader gets to walk away with a stash consisting of a MacBook Pro, 32GB iPod Touch, Time Capsule and $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. The App Store now has over 30,000 applications."

Comment Re:Easy way around this (Score 1) 857

Couldn't your home wifi logs save you though. If your ISP is logging your internet connection activity for 2 years, and they find illegal activity, you could show on your logs that a MAC address that you don't own connected. I think it would be a get out of jail card. They couldn't prove that the illegal activity wasn't committed by the non-your MAC.....

Just a thought....

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