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Comment Depending on the nature of your data... (Score 1) 235

Depending on the nature of your data, I used to use netcdf files quite a lot (https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf/). I also work on data sharing and standardisation, this is a full time job, so really you can spend as much time as you want on this and still not get it done. There are a variety of international data standards which exist to facilitate the management and sharing of data. I know you aren't necessarily talking about sharing your data, but many of the same issues apply. In short, unless you wish to spend a great deal of time on this or your employer has some data management solution for you then there are probably only a variety of unsatisfactory solutions which no doubt the slashdotters here will suggest :)

Submission + - 'Climategate' Uni to open up data (kable.co.uk)

patch0 writes: The University of East Anglia has just received funding from the Joint Information Systems Committee in the UK to open up it's data to the public, this project will involve linking climate data held by the CRU to publications and making the data available for re-use by others.

Comment Re:An ever shorter leash for the end users (Score 1) 702

Just bought an iPad, it goes with my iPhone 3GS and my Airport Extreme and my AppleTV. I'm fully aware of the Apple media walled garden, I don't care about that in the slightest. Why? Because their DRM is so piss-poor I know I can break it if I want to without enourmous effort. In the end I've bought these Apple products because I like the convenience of having a single media collection that coordinates simply accross all my various devices (~30GB music ~30GB photos, several hundred GB of film and TV shows).

I know I can have all those things with various FOSS solutions such as Myth TV etc, or even Windows devices. But to be honest I work in IT all day long, often doing unpaid overtime, I don't want to come home and wrestle with my computers at home too, be they Linux based or Windows based. Apple's devices are more expensive than they could be, but for me at least, they are well designed, very easy to use (for the non-technical members of my household this is very important) and very very convenient. In the end, I bought those Apple products because I'm lazy and I can afford them. I also don't understand the frankly bizarre levels of spleen directed at Apple for daring to produce products that people clearly want.

Comment Re:Oh yea. Teach them non mainstream stuff (Score 1) 663

In my A-Level in electronics we had to learn to program in machine code. Rather than teach us a real instruction set they made one up so as not to 'give unfair advantage to a student who might know an existing instruction set'... what crap. How many 17 year olds you know are gonna be overly familiar with a particular instruction set?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 425

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the original poster's claim of 100wpm. My mother was trained at school as a touch typist, she worked as a professional secretary in the 60s and 70s and can manage (IIRC) about 100wpm on an average day, this would probably go up if she started typing regularly again.

On the other hand, I've never learned to touch type, but when I'm working at my fastest I can usually keep up with my mother (though with more typos than her).

Submission + - Image management for pro publishers. Options?

patch0 writes: I work for a small scientific charity, we publish various things, journals, identification keys etc. We've also got an image archive dating back to 1910 which we're trying to digitise. Here's the problem. We have various software solutions for making our images available online (at present we use gallery 2), these need to be watermarked and record IPR for individuals who own various images. We also want people to be able to easily add their images, so far so good. But we also have many images sitting on our servers taking up space, this is because there is a lot of duplication of images from our publishing work. Some people will take an image, mess with it for a particular publication and then we end up with multiple copies in a variety of places, we can't use our online gallery software to manage photos on our servers that are used in our publishing activities. Does anyone on slashdot know of any joined up software solution that will play nicely with Adobe InDesign and act as a web gallery (where we can sell images) and also allow people on the web to contribute photos easily?

Comment Re:Context? (Score 1) 671

While the context is obviously important and I don't think the one quote he gave is a fair representation of what he was getting at, I can't help thinking about the old argument 'if you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear', which put another way is 'those who fear persecution should be persecuted' and it seems to me that companies like google need to be extremely delicate in handling these issues to avoid that particular slippery slope....

Comment Re:Good grief! - Bend Over! (Score 1) 571

When the old lady in question is the US military it's reasonable (IMO) to describe their lack of self defence as a dereliction of duty. I don't beleive your argument can sensibly be applied to a nationally organised military service whose whole purpose for existing *is* self defence... well that and invading other countries who have lots of oil, depending on who you listen to.

Comment Re:Good grief! (Score 1) 571

That's just about the most retarded thing I've ever seen written anywhere. The amount the UK spends on healthcare is more than the GDP of some small countries. If we wanted to reduce healthcare costs why would we waste effort offloading healthcare costs one person at a time?

Comment Re:kinda like... (Score 1) 352

I have to agree, I can see it kinda making more sense to have a touch interface like a keyboard and a screen. Of course this would be a really odd thing to work out as it'd probably mean totally redefining how we interact with computers. Would the point and click aspect be on the screen or the touch pad? What would you display on the screen vs the touch pad etc etc....

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