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Submission + - Japanese Pop Star Revealed As CG Composite (

History's Coming To writes: "Japanese pop fans are reportedly shocked to discover that Eguchi Aimi of pop group AKB48 doesn't exist. In fact, she's a computer generated composite of the other six members of the all-girl group. Motion captured elements of the human members have been pasted together to create a new band member — publicity stunt as it is, it's still quite impressive, and the band have released a "create your own composite" app. (via @qikipedia on Twitter)"

Comment Even better (Score 3, Interesting) 269

Nowadays, if you're willing to stay even just a little bit outside of the Yamanote loop line, and if you know where to look (hint: online, especially if you can read a bit of Japanese, in which case is the place to go), you can get small hotel rooms for the same price as capsule hotels in Tokyo.

I should know: I'm sitting in such a room right now. The place where I'm staying has weekly rates which rival the cheapest apartment room rentals -- which usually have the inconvenience of requiring upfront monthly payments, deposits, and often "key money" and "gift money" (unless dealing with special agencies like Sakura House who specialize in housing foreigners, the first month of rent can easily cost you four times the normal rent, and we haven't talked about the utilities yet)

Since this is /. : did I mention that my room has top-notch Internet connectivity? I was downloading stuff from my Montreal-based "home" server at over 50 Mb/s yesterday night! You get an Ethernet jack in the room, and the place is blanketed with free wifi. (Of course you still end up behind a NAT, but I don't think I've ever seen a hotel handing out public IPs...)

The hotel is split in smoking and non-smoking floors, and there's even a women-only floor. There's a coin laundry on the first floor, nice bathing and toilet facilities (cleaner than most 6000-8000 yen/night downtown Shinjuku business hotels I've stayed in), microwave ovens and hot water on each floor... With convenience stores and 100yen shops close by, it makes it really easy to live on a shoestring budget even in this supposedly extremely expensive city.

And this place is far from unique: hell, there's another one just like it right across the street.

Did I mention the best part yet? Unlike most budget hotels... there are virtually no noisy foreigners here!

Which is why I won't tell you where it is ;->

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - StarCraft 2 Beta Signups Open (

motang writes: Shacknews reports that Blizzard has started taking beta sing-ups for StarCraft II...finally! It seems like we have been waiting for this game for far too long. From the article:

Interested parties must simply visit their profile page, choose to opt-in for the beta, and re-submit their current system specs by way of a small downloadable piece of software.

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