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Submission + - Apache Cassandra 0.6.0 Released

pastababa writes: Apache Cassandra was first open sourced by Facebook, later became an Apache top-level project. It was deployed by some very big names. It is being use by some of of the largest social networking site. digg, twitter, reddit switched to Cassandra because it can be run on large server clusters and is capable of taking in very large amounts of data at a time.

Apache Cassandra is a decentralized, Elastic Cassandra highly scalable second-generation distributed database. It is meant to run on a cluster of nodes, but will run equally well on a single machine. Cassandra uses Thrift for its external client-facing API.

As reported by, although the version number released was 0.6.0, Apache Cassandra 0.6.0 is considered a stable release that is well tested and reasonably free of serious problems, or at least the problems are known and well documented.

Apache Cassandra is a free open source software licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Comment Open source projects (Score 1) 3

If someone is interested in open source, it is very easy to create your own open source projects and to fork an orginal one with sourceforge and google code and git. There are just way too many open source projects now. And open source no longer has that image of that special cool secret underground rebel thing to do. It is now about big corporations and profit making, which people what to use open source to help make them achieve. But they don't necessarily want to give back to the community.

Submission + - Firefox Lorentz Keeps Plugin Crashes Under Control

pastababa writes: A beta of the Firefox Lorentz project is now available for download and public testing.
Eming reports Firefox “Lorentz” provides uninterrupted browsing for Windows and Linux users when there is a crash in plugins. Plugins run in a separate process from the browser. If a plugin crashes it will not crash the browser, and unresponsive plugins are automatically restarted.
The process-isolation feature has been in Google’s Chrome from the beginning. Chrome sandboxes individual tabs, crashes of one tab does not affect the running of the rest of Chrome browser. Firefox currently isolate only Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight, but will eventually isolate all plugins running on a page.
Mozilla encourages users to test Firefox “Lorentz” on their favorite websites. Users who install Firefox “Lorentz” will eventually be automatically updated to a future version of Firefox 3.6 in which this feature is included.

Comment New format R&D time (Score 2, Insightful) 252

It takes years to develop new technology and formats. Maybe back when they started developing the new format , 100GB & 128GB was "revolutionary". But other technology like Hard Drive and flash memory had caught up with them that fast, which they did not foresee. Now that you've already spend the time and money on R&D, what do you do? Throw the whole thing into the trash bin or put it out to the market while there is still a chance to recoup the R&D cost and possibly make some profits?

Submission + - Symantec shutting down SecurityFocus news portal (

Camatom writes:, home to the well-known Bugtraq mailing list, will terminate its news portal section and will transfer its content to Symantec Connect.

SecurityFocus has been a mainstay in the security community, its Bugtraq mailing list is where almost all new security-related vulnerabilities, vendor security-related announcements, methods of exploitation, and how to fix them, etc are discussed.

Its news section provides original news content, detailed technical papers and guest columnists. This section and Infocus articles, whitepapers, and other SecurityFocus content will be moved to Symantec main website starting 15 March 2010.

Bugtraq mailing list will not be affected.

Submission + - Real Time Nation-wide Search of 4300 Libraries

Goomes writes: Slashdot Japan reported that a new website in Japan provides nation-wide book search of over 4300 libraries. This will certainly save time and energy for library users. The service is able to search multiple libraries at the same time, and show exactly which libraries has your desired book and if the book is available now or it is being checked-out by other people. User can also reserve book online. If your book is not available in your favorite libraries, don't worry. The website will also search Amazon database so you can buy the book. In the future, they hope to include other online bookstores, publishers, etc. This story is also being picked up by an English website.
Now that people can find almost anything from theirs computer in the comfort of their own homes, not sure how many people are still going to the library these days or in the future, but it seems the combination search of public libraries and online bookstore is a bit strange. If I am willing to buy the book, I would not even drag myself to the library! It seems they are sort of in competition? May be the libraries should provide delivery service too.

Submission + - Mozilla launched "Rock Your Firefox" 2

Grasil writes: Mozilla launched a new Web site called Rock Your Firefox Today. According to Mozilla, it is "for Firefox users to discover cool new add-ons or just learn what add-ons are all about. Rock Your Firefox will feature reviews, feedback, and insights from people around the Web who are using Firefox Add-ons to make their online experience better. A way to showcase the amazing depth, breadth, and power of Firefox Add-ons in a simple and friendly way that even my mom would understand."

The name was based on the Rock Your Firefox Facebook application from 2007, which just closed 4 months ago.

It is meant to be a promotion vehicle for add-ons, along with the original site. However, the current addons site do have recommendation and reviews, a slight upgrade or modification of the original should do the job. Some questioned if the new site is a duplication of effort.

Some might even question if this is a desperate attempt to keep Firefox users from switching over to Google Chrome since Chrome has become more stable and its Google Chrome Extensions is getting more established.

Submission + - Chile 8.8-magnitude earthquake, tsunami hits Japan

pastababa writes: A magnitude of 8.8 earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC), and lasting for about three minutes.It was the strongest earthquake affecting Chile since the magnitude 9.5 1960 Valdivia earthquake (the most energetic earthquake ever recorded worldwide), and is the strongest earthquake worldwide since the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
Japanese Meteorological Agency issued tsumani warning of wave over 3 m high at some part of Japan.
According to CNN, initial waves already hit Japan, more are expected.
In general, tsunamis tend to come in several waves, of which the first may not be the highest.

Submission + - Skype Lite & Skype for Windows Phones Disconti (

pastababa writes: Skype removed Skype Lite & Skype for Windows Phones apps from Skype's site, because neither of those apps offered a great Skype experience.

Skype Lite only works in a small number of countries. Where it does work, making a call requires users to use up their allocation of minutes from their mobile network, making the Skype-to-Skype calls sort-of-free-per-minute rather than actually-free-per-minute. And with the latest version of the Windows Mobile OS, Skype sited increasingly challenging for them to maintain an app which behaves as a user would expect on a wide range of handsets without working with a mobile operator partner.

Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Phones are no longer available for download.

If you already use one of these apps, you can carry on using it, Skype is not disabling them, but be aware of the limitations and possible charges.

At the same time, Skype recently released Skype for Symbian 1.0 for Nokia handsets.

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