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Comment Re:The two seem very related... (Score 1) 283

Incorrect. Mod parent down. Not insightful because it does not reflect the article.

The two are not related in any way shape or form. Correlation is not causation.

The article didn't say those that use profanity are honest. It said that those that use profanity are SEEN as honest.

Being articulate and precise is not a marker of dishonesty. It's an ability to communicate what you mean. Unfortunately, for most people, precision also opens the door to being "tricked" and hence the PERCEPTION of dishonesty as compared to when profanity is used.

I'm not sure why we are all arguing about profanity as a marker for truth and/or a filter being a marker for truth. The two are not related. It's a correlation - not causation.

They're saying Trump got elected because he was SEEN as more honest.

Comment Re:Script Kiddie exploits game library - news at 1 (Score 1) 164

The issue is that it is listed as a DESKTOP failure while it is truly a Game Emulator failure. It's not where you run it - it's who you gonna call. The Desktop folks can't do anything about it. Neither can the distro. It's gotta be the Game Emulator folks. Bludgeoning the top level only works in the commercial space. Here the distributions have already labelled it as a bad plug-in as a warning. There is nothing more that can be done.

Comment Re:This is great work. (Score 1) 164

You cannot get more security by trading in your freedom. You can only be enslaved. Security is your own business. Asking someone else to do it is like giving the keys to your house and the passwords to your accounts to a third party and trusting they will do "the right thing". And since when is a game emulator library failure a distribution failure?

Comment Script Kiddie exploits game library - news at 11 (Score 0) 164

So let me get this straight. Someone figures out how to exploit a game emulator that has nothing to do with the Linux Desktop (gaming on an emulator is not primary functionality of Linux on the DESKTOP - read that again - DESKTOP). And now we are reporting this as a distribution failure and calling the entire Linux ecosystem as bad. Meanwhile, the plugins in question are clearly labeled as "bad" as in "use at your own risk". So what is Linux on the Desktop supposed to do? Protect you from yourself? Be "just like windows"? I would suggest that we call a spade a spade and report this as a Game Emu failure. This library exists in multiple distributions but has nothing to do with the distro itself. And if you want to protect yourself - stop downloading and clicking on damn random files - "file <filename>" is far more effective than checking the extension. Someone causes a vulnerability on a file name extension in 2016 means that we haven't trained people enough that file name extensions are not linked to file format. Let's do less hype and more work. Just my two cents. (P.S. Is this even news-worthy?)

Comment Re:If you want to write a book, just do it (Score 1) 381

I think you skipped the class on Finite State Automata and the resulting literature that came from that particular line of study such as the GOF. You probably use it all today but you just don't realize it. Computer programs done w/ the predicate calculus express truths. If those truths have the finite set of transformations that maintain those truths, the program is still true and correct. We often sacrifice this process in interest of speed. But it does not mean that the resulting code does not show evidence of that series of transformations. It does however show evidence of corners being cut and that someone manually crafted the organization. So the program instead of being itself a proof of correctness that always works, is rather an approximation (first order or better) that covers the majority of cases required and then there is some sort of error catcher (often incomplete) for the rest.

Comment Re: Hell no (Score 1) 381

I took CS. I was required to program algorithms and do proofs in a multitude of languages. And none of the languages used were taught. The basis was trial by fire. Computer scientists were supposed to be able to learn any language at any time in order to solve the problem at hand. We learned to be language agnostic and pick up the language required every 2 weeks. It worked.

Comment Re: Hell no (Score 1) 381

"Because <noun>" is not a complete thought. Could you please expound for those of us that don't think a noun covers the gamut of possibilities that you wish to cover? Since we are all geeks here, it stands to reason that the universe of the set covered by "details" is larger than your intent and indicating that your intent is universal assumes we have the same level of understanding as you.

"Because <noun>" is catchy in journalism because "for news - it shows an all encompassing view to attract audiences." (See what I did there?)

I for one would like to know what details you mean. Please and thank you.

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