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Comment Re:ApplePay uses industry standard tech (Score 1) 269

Right because my Nokia 6610 always flawlessly handled VISA/MC transactions. Just look at the folk who jumped onto the NFC bandwagon as soon as Apple said they were there and then imagine if the triad managed to agree on an interoperable payment system instead of VISA/MC. PayPal is a simple example of paying for stuff without VISA/MC and there are plenty of other options out there.

Comment Re:What is the point of OSX server? (Score 1) 365

Plug time machine disk 1 in, make backup, unplug disk 1, take off site, plug in disk 2, make backup, rinse repeat with however many redundant copies you want. You could additionally set up a tape drive however its probably cheaper and easier for a small office to buy a few large external portable hard drives and rotate them instead of a tape drive and multiple tapes.

Comment Re:How about weeding out enterprise standards? (Score 1) 186

You think that's bad. A former organisation I worked at had a similar thing happen where the Finance group bought a software package which was sold on "no IT department required" however the way we found out was even before they deployed it. It was of course a computer program so instead of the Finance department using their own budget allocation, the bought it out of the IT departments budget. When the CIO and the CFO had a meeting the shouting could be heard from the other end of the building.

Suffice to say the "no IT department required" bit was trash and at one stage we had a few people working on trying to deploy the system out.

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