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Comment Re:Too much of a good thing (Score 2) 218

o me, that lack of power is a VERY good thing because it means the developers will be forced to make their games fun rather than pretty.

And who is going to bother to make games for it when they can just continue to make games for platforms that sell far more (iOS?)

I don't mean to rain on this parade because I think efforts like this are fantastic generally, but I have serious reservations about this being able to go anywhere...

One last issue is how will Ouya address Android piracy? If developers are experiencing high piracy rates on Android already, how will this diminish in an Android based console? That question alone is vital to address to get strong and sustained support for the platform.

The Ouya's 'store' requires online access to play the games through it. I believe the games will all phone home to verify your online status. In addition, the store won't work if you have your console rooted. Some of that info is here

Comment Re:I don't recall... (Score 1) 887

If suspected evidence is locked in safe, the suspect can be forced to divulge the combination of the safe. This is not violation of the 5th amendment because it is the contents of the safe that is incriminatory; there is nothing discriminating about the combination of the safe itself. Whether you divulge the combination of not, the contents of the safe and whether it is incriminating evidence or not, does not change. However the situation is completely different with encryption. Depending on which key you provide, the outcome of the decryption could be literally anything, as demonstrated above. The password itself, then, becomes the incriminating evidence, which is why passwords should fall under the protection of the 5th amendment.

If a suspect can indeed be forced to divulge the combination to a safe then you have changed my mind about this matter and I now think that, legally, being forced to divulge a password is completely legal and not in violation of the 5th amendment. However, I am not too sure that you can indeed be forced to give up a combination to a safe. It's always been my understanding that you could be asked for said combination and upon not divulging the information the safe would be broken into. I still think that the best solution is to say that you had the password written down and cannot seem to find the post-it since the police tore my house in two looking for evidence.

Classic Games (Games)

Pac-Man's Ghost Behavior Algorithms 194

An anonymous reader writes "This article has a very interesting description of the algorithms behind the ghosts in Pac-Man. I had no idea about most of this information, but that's probably because it's difficult to study the ghosts when I die every 30 seconds. Quoting: 'The ghosts are always in one of three possible modes: Chase, Scatter, or Frightened. The "normal" mode with the ghosts pursuing Pac-Man is Chase, and this is the one that they spend most of their time in. While in Chase mode, all of the ghosts use Pac-Man's position as a factor in selecting their target tile, though it is more significant to some ghosts than others. In Scatter mode, each ghost has a fixed target tile, each of which is located just outside a different corner of the maze. This causes the four ghosts to disperse to the corners whenever they are in this mode. Frightened mode is unique because the ghosts do not have a specific target tile while in this mode. Instead, they pseudorandomly decide which turns to make at every intersection.'"
Emulation (Games)

A JavaScript Gameboy Emulator, Detailed In 8 Parts 62

Two9A writes "JavaScript has shed its image of being a limited language, tied to DOM manipulation in a browser; in recent years, new engines and frameworks have given JS a reputation as a language capable of bigger things. Mix this in with the new elements of HTML5, and you have the capacity to emulate a game console or other system, with full graphical output. This series of articles looks in detail at how an emulator is written in JavaScript, using the example of the Gameboy handheld: starting at the CPU, and (as of part 8) running a copy of Tetris."

Scientists To Breed the Auroch From Extinction 277

ImNotARealPerson writes "Scientists in Italy are hoping to breed back from extinction the mighty auroch, a bovine species which has been extinct since 1627. The auroch weighed 2,200 pounds (1000kg) and its shoulders stood at 6'6". The beasts once roamed most of Asia and northern Africa. The animal was depicted in cave paintings and Julius Caesar described it as being a little less in size than an elephant. A member of the Consortium for Experimental Biotechnology suggests that 99% of the auroch's DNA can be recreated from genetic material found in surviving bone material. Wikipedia mentions that researchers in Poland are working on the same problem."

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