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Comment Re:Just don't buy them. (Score 1) 102

IT will also be some time before a bicycle is capable of getting most people to and from work or to the nearest store with enough groceries to come back that will last through weather and other reasons you wouldn't necessarily be wanting to peddle a bike all over the place.

They are great when you are a kid and can take an hour to get across town or happen to be shoved onto some population center so dense you cannot pass gas without someone knowing it. But for the rest of the world, a bit impractical outside of leisure for the most part.

Comment Re:dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 3, Informative) 102

A lot of dealerships have their own buyer financing programs separated by little more than a name. Think along the lines of a buy here pay here dressed up a bit to resemble a real bank loan.

My current car is financed that way. Due to some screw ups in my credit, I was able to get a car loan a little cheaper in interest rates that way. The finance company is owned entirely by three different dealerships but is called something different and located in another state from those dealerships. I'm not aware of any other connections those three different dealerships have other than owning a finance company that they can use to sell cars to high risk people.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 54

Well, not really. The first mistake is in assuming that everyone attending the conference is actually a master at security verses someone who is trying to network for whatever reasons or trying to just get more information about it to see if it is a direction he wants his career to go.

So to be more accurate, your statement should read a little more like this. "But right now we're criticizing them for practicing unsafe sex without ever asking or checking if they used a condom or even finding out if they have had sex before and we've based this all on "those other people had unsafe sex here years ago" in which case the "having sex" part may be the only reason some showed up.

Comment Re:Older people less astute with technology? (Score 1) 52

I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but formatting a hard drive and reinstalling the operating system doesn't remove the information any better than simply deleting it. It's a zero sum gain unless you use a program to specifically write over the deleted or formatted information. There is no difference and it can be recovered easily in both cases (actually easier with a format because the file name isn't altered like when you delete a file).

There is generally both more time and input in reinstalling verses removing most infections with the exception of some rootkits. Every toolkit you need is mostly automated.

But it doesn't matter much anyways. This was a computer she wanted to safely _throw_away, not re-purpose for another user. This might be the slight difference in our line of thinking. If it was going to another user, I would probably use something like DBAN to somewhat securely erase the disk then a reinstall without worrying about the disinfection. It gets a bit tricky in what you do when windows is stored on a hidden partition verses having a cd to use if no one wants to spring for a refurbishment version of windows. But seeing how I was already tasked with removing the information, I already have access to anything on the system before any deletes or formating or anything. It's a trust issue I guess.

Comment Re:A more basic question (Score 1) 723

Hogwash.. Utter made up thinking.

I hear this and laugh because of the unimaginative thinking required to believe it. We are a long way away from any scenario in which we have a resource problem or the destruction of natural environments and pollution become a problem. Technology increases at an alarming rate, today we are feeding far more people from a lot less land, we have pollution and environmental controls in place and are actively restoring parts of the environment damaged from ages past.

In short, your problem or concerns simply do not exist. We take steps when crap happens and reduce pollution, protect the environment, and maximize the use of resources including recycling them. It's been the natural order of society since the industrial revolution and any economically developed society practices it to some degree.

Comment Re:Older people less astute with technology? (Score 1) 52

First, if you know what you are doing, wiping and reinstalling windows takes more time than cleaning an infested computer. But that wasn't the take you should have received from this. But what you should have taken away should be that someone was throwing the computer away because they didn't understand or comprehend the underlying issue with it and more or less thought it was worn out like a pair of socks that start getting holes in them.

As for no reward,. Some people like the challenge of cleaning the systems and some people like keeping them running. I have a couple systems that are more trouble than they are worth that have no practical application in today's environment but have fun messing with them.

Comment Re:Older people less astute with technology? (Score 4, Interesting) 52

This is somewhat insanely true.

I was just given an old computer to "remove anything that needs removed to make it safe to throw away". It was about 3 years old and had so many pop ups that they just purchased a new computer. I told them I could probably fix the pop ups if everything else worked ok. She said whatever, I can have it if I could fix it.

I started diving into this system thinking it would be infested with a bunch of malware, viruses and whatnot. Outside of tracking cookies, I couldn't find anything. The pop ups were to update java, their HP software for the printer they threw away when it stopped printing after 6 months of no use, some brother software saying there was updates and a bunch of notifications from games and other software saying there was updates available. She was using an older version of internet explorer which likely allowed a lot of pop ups when surfing the web. She essentially purchased another computer because she didn't understand crap needed updated from time to time or how to update it or that other web browsers exist without all the issues some have.

It isn't a high end computer but it isn't a bottom of the barrel system either. Its free outside of updating all the software and removing the preinstalled advertising crap that originally came with it so I have nothing to complain about. Just makes you wonder about what people are thinking.

Comment Re: Shorter summary (Score 1) 146

That's fine and all but it doesn't change the facts. All it does is illustrate that there is law for you and them. Just like cops who speed down the road in their personal vehicles don't get a ticket- even when they are on their way home from a shift in which they just issued you a speeding ticket.

But there are sources out there that seem to disagree with Comey's interpretation of events. I found two that closely match hillary. It seems to be a biased site and your mileage may vary.


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