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Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 304

Do you understand what "their" means?

The vast majority of people in the U.S. don't care about gay marriage one way or another. They see no valid reason to deny it like the subset of people I already mentioned. Don't confuse that with support. They simply didn't care enough to change the norm. It took court orders to change it. Every state but two lost court battles before changing their laws and then the recent supreme court case made it universal. None of that would have been necessary if they supported gay marriage. It would have already been legal.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 422

I'm positive you don't follow. You also cannot find a simple compound interest calculator either. $10 a week at 3% is closer to $25k.

And check those 2-3% checking accounts and you will find a minimum balance requirement that most paycheck to paycheck people will not be able to keep. But go ahead and live in your half the information world telling people how to live their lives and not figure out why they get pissed at you.

As for your college response, i have to ask if you actually read anything i said? It seems like you ignored all of it in order to push some point i already discounted. Perhaps that is why people get pissed at you.

I did not say going into debt was the problem. I said later in life, you have responsibilities other than just yourself and when you are already working two jobs to raise a family, it can be impossible to take the time to go to school. There are only 168 hours in a week. When 80 or more are taken up working, getting to work, and getting ready for work, you don't have much time left for school even if you happen to be lucky enough that classes are available when you are not at work. But go ahead and suggest their kids can starve or live on the street because you declared that they can quit a job and go into debt for school. While your at it, see if they were told to act pissed off when you declare they can better their life. Oh, and BTW . I worked through college back in the 90s when you still could. I was in debt to the tune of only $5k in student loans (because I wanted a motorcycle) when I graduated.

People can work their way outb of these situations but it just isn't as simple as you want to make it seem. People do compound their problems all the time. Often by the time they realize it and want to make a change, it is extremely more difficultto do. If you are single and in your 20s, it is a lot easier than someone with kids working two jobs paycheck to paycheck.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 422

Nonsense. If the value of land increases, it belongs to the current owner. The rental value has less impact than the use value. For instance farmland valued at commercial real estate values can make taxing costs more than production revenue. This is important because you can build a factory almost anywhere but you cannot go without food or the products agriculture supports.

Seeing how property taxes are generally a percentage of value, it is already accounted for in the assessment. The assessment happens anytime the property is sold, when it's zoning use is changed, or biannualy in my area whichever comes first.

The land is still paid for and not free. It is not important to distinguish these differences.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 422

Property taxes were one of the first taxes in the U.S. .over the years, even at lower values, more taxes than the current value of the land would have been paid. I'm not sure it is important to distinguish between the rental value in this regard. Government generally exempts itself from its own property taxes but they don't give land away any more.

Comment Re:Why healthcare is broken.. (Score 1) 422

The costs of health care in the U.S. is skewed in its reporting. It is accounted in several ways which doesn't represent the actual costs.

One way is to take the average costs calculated by the government and extrapolate that at the number of claims. This inflates the real costs being paid. The other way is to statically calculate procedures through reported insurance claims and compare that to the gross earnings of medical fields as applied to tax returns. There we have the same problem of costs to poor and unpaid bills being written off because showing a large write off qualifies them for lower tax rates.It essentially allows them to claim a non-profit rate when they are a for profit venture. This again skews the costs evaluations but are also surprisingly similar to the other methods.

Now I already explained how and why the costs are so much for uncovered patients. The total actually spent on health care does not add up to the amounts reported.

But does that translate to getting more value? Yes and no. In some areas of health care the answer would be yes. There are several MRI and other specialty equipment in more places and the wait to get access to one is lower. But in some places the wait to get to see you primary care doctor can be longer. You also have the issue in the uk where they will cease treatment on some elderly patients and put them prematurely on an end of life care plan to save resources or open bed space (a sort of soft euthanasia).

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 0) 304

There is no government love test either. There are plenty of loveless marriages. Love and procreation are all traits society - mostly religious related portions - have placed on marriage.

That being said, the only qualification for marriage was to be of opposite gender and not a blood relative by a certain degree and a certain age. That being said, all gays had the same rights legally as everyone else. Gay marriage is an extra right based on something outside of law.

I'm not opposed to gays getting married. I am opposed to calling it something other than what it was. I'm also opposed to calling people waiting a traditional definition of marriage as defined by their social norms discriminatory or homophobic. It is often little more than fear of tradition changing.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 304

Wow. . Just wow..

You sure got a load there. It sounds like your full of the same too.

First, i am not a trump supporter. I will likely vote for him due to my dislike of Hillary though.

With that out of the way, i have to ask if the "uneducated" is the new meme being pushed by Hillary supporters who are wrong about a lot of things and want to address crap they do not themselves understand? You see, every single government budget I have read going back to Carter's as well as purposed tax cuts and or increases in spending rely on future growth to increase revenue so the numbers balance. Trump was doing nothing different than what other politicians including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have done. You can disagree with the ability for the plan to materialize but to claim it appeals only to the uneducated only shows how uneducated you actually are.

Next, the dow lows were not induced by Bush. He was president when it happened but if you are going to try to pin it on him, you have to acknowledge that he tried to fix it back in the early 2000s and was stopped by a democrat controlled congress. He specifically attempted to address the subprime lending and regulate Fannie and Freddie in their default credit swaps which would have spilled over to the banking industry. But instead, he was shut down and wall street bankers paid Hillary huge sums of money to give speeches before and after their induced financial crisis which dropped the dow.

You go out to talk about unemployment being 5%. That is the U-3 number and doesn't count a lot of long term unemployed. The U-6 number is more accurate and due to changes in the reporting over the years is more accurate to historical comparison. As of may 2006, the U-6 number was at 9.7%. So if changing the rules because policy doesn't work is what you want, then by all means support whoever you think will do that. But don't act like you are the only educated person in the room when all you have to do is say something and the world knows you have a lot to learn.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 422

This bathroom law, just like any other law will only come into play when there is a complaint or obvious infraction which would likely cause a complaint. Birth certificates can have their gender changed in all 50 states so someone actually doing the change are unaffected after the change.

What would happen is someone would complain about some pervert in the bathroom. They would investigate and if in the correct bathroom sent about their way. It is only meant to stop perverts from preying on people in areas they should be safe from this shit.

And yes. .. it has already happened in several places where a pervert claimed to identify as a female in order to get into a women's restroom.

Comment Re:Why healthcare is broken.. (Score 1) 422

Your sort of right but wrong. Profit is not the problem with expensive health care. The problem is government involvement and patents.

You can track the skyrocketing medical costs back to the mid 1960s with the creation of Medicare. Before that, medical bills were largely affordable and hospitals would carry a financing balance. With Medicare, the government started saying it cost to much to pay for the seniors and soon started averaging costs of medical procedures in 5 or so geographical regions. They then said this is all Medicare will pay and you have to accept it else you cannot accept any insurance. This also marked the widespread acceptance of HMOs as Medicare used them.

The problem with this setup is that it doesn't take into consideration the difference between small town community hospitals and state of the art treatment centers. The averaging was low for a lot of big city hospitals with higher costs and high for smaller ones with lower costs. Congress soon realized that Medicare was still to expensive and started paying only a percentage of the average. Once the medical professionals noticed the averaging, it was found that by inflating costs, they could increase the averaging and regain payment. Insurance companies objected to this so they recieved discounts to bring the costs back down. This brought about the in network and out of network distinctions in most medical plans. Because these were preferred partner discounts, they didn't count the discounted rate towards the averaging but the original rates.

Now enter government investments into the medical industry in the form of grants and such for research (mostly in public universities). This brought new costs and they were already expensive mostly due to knowing that whatever costs they would only recover a small portion of it. Universities were partial it not complete owners of patents involved and they expected this royalties to be income for their endowments.

What is left is a rate that is a magnitude higher than what insurance and government programs pay being charged to people not covered by either. There is an incentive for this to continue more because tax liability for hospitals and some medical providers became tied to an amount of free and reduced services provided to the poor and needy. Why do two of X for a lower effective tax rate when you can do one and count the costs as a loss.

Yes, greed has a lot to do with it. But the system is rigged in the first place. Poor people who don't pay only increase your costs if you do not have insurance or government coverage. The costs are inflated largely to get around government skipping out on their bills.

Now this doesn't cover the pharmaceutical industry who are riding the wave. They are somewhat tied to the patent system mentioned before but fund a lot of research themselves.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 422

That's really a non point. The people who claimed that land originally are long dead and gone by several generations or more.

Anyone with land today have either paid for it themselves or it has been passed down in inheritance and paid for by taxes to government. Your premise is that it belongs to society. Society already accounts for it via taxes and if you don't pay them, they take it from you.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 422

People get angry because despite your good intentions, it actually insults them to some degree as well as most of the time being completely impractical.

An example of impractical is savings. There used to be a bunch of non- practicing financial gurus going around saying if you just put $10 a week in savings that it would be some fortune in 20-30 years due to compound interest. They would use 3% or more for the interest rate and mathematically it was sound. The problem is that unless you already had a lot of savings, you cannot find any savings or investment vehicles paying close to that kind of interest and most of the practical choices (bank account) actually charged you more than the interest they would pay to deal with such a small balance.

Another is go to college. That's easier done when fresh out of highschool before you have to work 2 low paying jobs to get by and support a family. You used to be able to work your way through college but costs now, along with mandatory dorm living for the first year or two has done away with that and with interest rates, you are likely to waste any increased income for the first 20 years paying for the school loans.

It is not just making the right choices, making them at the right time in life is key too.

This is not to say that people do not have the ability to better themselves. They certainly do in most cases. It just isn't always as simple as it seems on paper. When something seems simple and is pointed out to someone else, it gets a bit insulting because they likely already ran into some road block in trying it.

Comment Re:Clueless negotiating (Score 2) 182

Yes, he must be an idiot because i can totally see the utility functions of saying no ground troops but don't cause problems and red lines that seem to be on wheels and reset buttons that guarantees no retaliation for Putin's aggression. I can completely understand the utility functions of saying we are going to withdraw troops by a certain date so all the opposition has to do is wait it out. The problem is that I cannot see how that helps the U.S..

Trump scares me as president but Hillary does even more so. That being said, I think your inability to understand the line of reasoning makes you more of an idiot than you think trump is.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 182

He has also said that he would never take options off the table and wouldn't telegraph our reactions and responses. He said the current tell everyone before doing it and bragging about it afterwards gives the enemy too much information. So of course he wouldn't rule anything out because doing so would be ignoring that self imposed principle.

Now you be worried because he didn't allow himself to get painted into a corner and walk his other position back or you can just see it for what it is and not pretend to be scared.

Comment Re:Idea!!! (Score 1) 136

You have a paddy wagon.

Some people can be crammed into the back seat but the majority of police interaction doesn't require transportation of prisoners. When they do, you call in a van or SUV to pick up the suspect. Most of the paper work can be done from the cruiser so no need to have the cop return to the station for booking the prisoner.

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