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Comment Railroads (Score 1) 281

I know the technology isn't exactly cutting edge, but I'm surprised I didn't see railroads being mentioned as a possibility. Here's a flickr album showing them being moved without a problem http://www.flickr.com/photos/10372533@N06/2468920475/ Run them on trains to as close to where they're going to go as possible, then air lift them to their final destinations, simple as that.

Comment Cant load it (Score 1) 122

I can't connect, it says "error establishing database connection", I'm gonna guess this is another instance of a server overloading thanks to the amount of people connecting from a link on slashdot. Maybe once there's a few more new stories posted, people will stop looking at this one for long enough for me to load the images.

Comment Rest of the deal (Score 1) 89

I wonder if SCO told their buyer that Linux (all of it) is part of the sale? They probably said "yea, this guy with a blue blanket and a red and black striped shirt who calls himself Linus is gonna try to tell you that Linux isn't ours to sell, yea, just ignore him".

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