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Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE9 The Safest Browser? ( 1

paragon1 writes: NSS Labs has released a report stating IE9 is apparently the most secure browser against malware currently on the market. About 650 test sites were used to determine this, and NSS further said that “Internet Explorer 9 was by far the best at protecting against socially-engineered malware..."

Comment For the last time (Score 0) 192

PC gaming is not going anywhere. It's *different* than console gaming.

1. Computers don't go obsolete like consoles do
2. A keyboard & mouse > controller
3. Console games tend to be more visceral; they're about fast, furious fun. Computer games tend to be more ponderous and strategic; this is partly due to differences in the control schemes of course (a keyboard granting you many more key shortcuts, for example)

We should seriously stop giving attention to these "OMG TEH PC IZ DED" articles; they're a cheap grab for attention, nothing more. The market has plenty of room for schools of gaming.

Comment Re:Nevertheless, still doing science! (Score 1) 250

How, pray tell, would cutting NASA's limited funding do anything useful?

It's retards like you that will delay us from ever leaving this rock. News flash: It's dying. We need to launch into space at some point in the next century or we're screwed. It's not going to be a "HAY GUYS LETS BUILD A ROCKET AND GO" endeavor. It will be a long, ponderous process, with many steps.

Comment Cloud computing (Score 1) 497

I blame this ridiculous "Cloud computing" craze. If it worked poorly in the 60s, why in the hell would we want to go back to it? The move towards thick clients is the only reason all the security breaches and viruses haven't been as bad as they could have. Storing all your eggs in one basket is just a stupid, stupid idea given the current situation of the world today.

Oh, and no more Ubisoft games for me. I don't support stupid ideas.

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