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Comment What about stability and uptime of their web?!? (Score 1) 112

They should look into some resources able to make/redesign/re-architect their site to have ALL offered services available for more than a few hours at a time. From downtime of days, to on-and-off access through their mobile apps, to services unavailable at all hours of the day, via their "standard" web presence ... how much of this will Hadoop address?!?

Comment Re:The N900. (Score 1) 359

+1 (or +n)!!! - absolutely the most network-security-sysadmin friendly smartphone. SSH client, Cisco compatible VPN client (try to do that reliably in Android!), nmap, metasploit, wireshark, etc - you name it - it's there ... I had this smartphone for over a year and the only drawback to it is lack of support for the so-called 4G in the T-Mobile market in the US.

Comment My in/out rules (Score 1) 474

Link-in with whom it may make sense, professionally only (Linkedin = mostly professional social network, vs. Facebook, Twitter, Socialedian, FriendFeed, Myspace, etc.) but definitely do NOT link with coworkers - it would make no sense (although I work in a company where almost all office employees have linked w/each other, to the point that no one can handle the internal "social noise").
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Video-conf solutions: proprietary and/or open mix

papaia writes: I have been trying to find [the least expensive] solution allowing a business-level environment setup for video-conferencing, with the following basic requirements:

— high quality video (mostly hardware capability, including hi-res monitors, remote control (tilt, zoom on speaker) of camera, etc.), for multi-site video conferencing support in conference rooms setup to accommodate 10-15 people (as far as capability of camera and viewable screen size)

— single user web-cam like setup, allowing tapping into the "main" (above) video-conferencing system from any PC

What I already have are a couple of Tandberg units, a couple of older Polycom (actually ex-Picturetel) ones (could dump those, probably), and some web cams for PCs. What I would like to do to address the requirements above would be to:
— find some way for Skype to interface with Tandberg (some gateway-like solution allowing Skype-proprietary-to-H.323 translation)
— find some way for Skype to do multi-user video-conferencing (of which some solutions don't seem to be maintained anymore — e.g. festoon)
— find some other H.323 client (dump Skype), which would be "Internet friendly" (allow HTTP encapsulation, perhaps, to ease firewall traversal?!?)- then tie that into Tandberg (netmeeting seems to be capable of handling such)
— drop the concept of using H.323, and use PC-based Skype clients with Tandberg gear just used as monitor and camera (problem: Skype does not accept hi-res, w/some limitations in its xml config file)
— use some open source solutions for multi-site conferencing, possibly Windows-platform (client) friendly)?!?
- ... some other ways

So — would anybody care to share their own solutions for the two requirements in the beginning of this (or fill in the [... some other ways] part)

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