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Comment Re:Popping the popcorn (Score 2) 262

Assange isn't being extradited to the United States, he is being extradited to Sweden. Your example has nothing to do with this case. The women making the complaint say that Assange assault them. There isn't much room for confusion here.

Those are just excuses to get Assange out of Ecuador embassy in London. The rape complaints are very suspicious, they were filled late. Issuing international interpol warrant based on those accusations only is unheard of. This whole case is political and it's clear that he is harassed for his anti-government activity in wikileaks.

Comment Re:NO MORE!!!!! (Score 2) 71

Can we just all agree that this was over before it started and move on? I'd hate to have to write a script to remove any articles with BitCoin in them from view like I did with the Kardashians...

No but maybe you can write me a script to remove all your unnecessary comments from bitcoin articles?

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it (Score 2) 171

My first reaction was: how many stupid slashdoters would label Assange as egomaniac, rapist and criminal based on totaly misleading informations in summary, how many slashdoters would rather side with opressive practices of U.S. (and other) governments instead of Assange and wikileaks, which are trying to fight it?

The answer is predictably and unfortunately: quite a lot.

Comment Re:Free Enterprise (Score 1) 184

That's ultimately the problem with these arguments. A system without any sort of intellectual property makes it much more difficult for anyone to spend significant time on any given creative project, since no money can be made from that lost time... let alone taking any time to learn a skilled craft.

Wrong, we can have system which ensures money for creators without intelectual property. We can for example replace the current copyright law (which ensures that you pay for something because you can't copy it) with mandatory monthly payments (you crowdpay creative works you like, you can choose what to support but you have to spent something based on your income/wealth etc.) and the resulting works could be in public domain available to everyone.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 200

Net neutrality doesn't mean that ISPs can't use QoS to mark and prioritize real-time traffic like VoIP, IPTV etc. over http. They can do it but they must not discriminate between different VOIP/streaming providers. For example net-neutral ISP cannot prioritize its own streaming service and throttle competition like Netflix.

Comment Re:Yes yes yes (Score 1) 405

Yes. Cleaning the homes of people who own factories.

What happens when we get to a point where we just don't need everyone to work in order to provide the goods and services people want? I'm thinking we may have already reached that point in some developed countries. Then what?

Unless we're prepared to have some big (and forced) reductions in populations, we had better get comfortable with larger welfare states.

As technology and automation advances, there will be more and more job oportunities. The problem is, those jobs will require very high specialization and qualification which only few percent of population can reach. Not anybody can be rocket engineer,microchip designer etc.

I agree with you that wealth redistribution (in the form of welfare, basic unconditional income etc.) is the right solution.

Comment Re:Less static hardware. (Score 1) 993

Guess what doesn't happen on my server? Yes, random hardware appearing and disappearing while it sits there for years running one app... Systemd has no obvious benefit to servers

Just because your server doesn't take advantage of hotpluging doesn't mean that other people don't use it on their servers. There is plenty of scenarios where hotpluging is useful for servers, please don't force your server usage pattern on everyone else. I for one welcome the changes which systemd brings even for the servers.

Comment Re:Question about how this works (Score 2) 236

I'm still waiting for an example of how to get to this so-called vulnerability, without using a different security hole to get to it. Either some moron letting the web server call bash directly, or someone not sanitizing his inputs.

I disagree that using shell CGI scripts should be considered security hole any more than using CGI scripts written in any other language, but if you want other examples of exploiting this bug you can do it via malicious DHCP responses processed by dhcpclient or by env. variables passed when loging in via SSH.

Comment Re:Question about how this works (Score 3, Informative) 236

but if you don't do something stupid like eval your those environment variables it doesn't turn into such a mess.

Your CGI script doesn't need to do anything at all. The rogue code injected into the env. variables is parsed and executed by bash when it sets-up the environment for your script.

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