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Comment Ethanol is a maritime disaster (Score 4, Informative) 586

I work in the marine engine trade. (western U.S.) Ethanol has been a boon to the gasoline engine repair and maritime rescue business. It is estimated by marine trade originations that gasoline and ethanol mixed fuels currently cause about 70-85% of engine failures. Not really a type of additional work we want.These engines (and outboards) and fuel tanks were never designed for this fuel. Unlike modern autos, marine fuel tanks are vented and absorb moisture rich air. Water related corrosion adds to the alcohol damage. I do not think anyone has worked out just the cost in lives lost at sea, lost boats, and the damage to the marine trades has resulted from this fuel. We only get to work on the boats that made it back.

Comment Re:Objections not entirely crazy. (Score 1) 392

DotMax is correct, these things are not toys. I am willing to bet he could never get this thing going anyway. I have been building these things for 20 years. They are tricky, radioactive, and it is a long process to produce particle beams, even after 10 the one built. the components (extractor) inside of these puppies can be quite hot ! I can not overemphasize the high voltage danger. All deaths in the industry that I remember have been from electrocutions.

They need a huge support system,Scantronix, EBCO, CTI, and others build these in heavy concrete cells. A small machine like this would take about 2 two car garages for the machine, shielding, power supplies, cooling system and control console.They need lots of cooling water, tap water will not work. The magnets, magnet power supplies, arc, and 15 - 20kv RF stages need cooling. Infrastructure to build, run , and test a vacuum system is not inexpensive. A Hydraulic system is needed. The magnets need realigned and mapped just from the move. (even if the coils are not leaking). Just getting beam to a low energy beam stop takes forever. That does not guarantee extraction. It is a noble cause to produce F18, A cyclotron is only one part of the puzzle. Have fun building one anyway.

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