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Review Scores the "Least Important Factor" When Buying Games 169

A recent report from a games industry analyst suggests that among a number of factors leading to the purchase of a video game — such as price, graphics and word of mouth — the game's aggregated review score is the least important measure. Analyst Doug Creutz said, "We believe that while Metacritic scores may be correlated to game quality and word of mouth, and thus somewhat predictive of title performance, they are unlikely in and of themselves to drive or undermine the success of a game. We note this, in part, because of persistent rumors that some game developers have been jawboning game reviewers into giving their games higher critical review scores. We believe the publishers are better served by spending their time on the development process than by 'grade-grubbing' after the fact."

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 869

BusHitler Backlash

And note that all mainstream Democrats distanced themselves from this ad and from any connection to it.

While the Bush / Hitler comparisons are over the top (I'd personally think of Bush / Cheney more in the Mussolini-lite mode, though not quite as competent as Il Duce), there was the war of aggression, wiretapping, torture, illegal detentions, blocking "dissidents" from attending their public rallies, and the exploitation of people's fear for political gain. Even a Republican should have felt uneasy at what was going on.

Compare this to... basically wanting to expand Medicare / Medicaid to all Americans. Which is bringing out the Republican / Conservative pundits in droves to make the Hitler comparisons and express their paranoid fears of death panels. And from their political leaders, there's not an ounce of serious pushback on this rhetoric. Some are actually encouraging people to think this way.

The Republicans are either silent or actively encouraging the crazies. The Democrats, both in and out of power, have done everything they can to run away from the crazies on their side. There's no equivalence here.

Comment Re:Bad experience with Mass Effect DRM (Score 1) 881

For the PC with Mass Effect, any chance you ever run Process Explorer on that machine?

I ran into this issue just today. Was thinking about buying Spore and so I fired up the Creature Creator. Which refused to start, due to Securom. After a bit of research, I found out that Securom hates Process Explorer so much, that its "protected" games won't start if Process Explorer has been used at any time during the current computer session. I had always thought it would barf just when Process Explorer was currently running.

So, in theory, the game will run after a reboot. But why should I reboot my machine just to play a game? Because I used some tool on my machine that had nothing to do with the DRM?

Anyways, this was the first time Securom has bitten me and was enough to make me decide against buying Spore.

The Media

Submission + - The origninal Astronaut Farmer...Burt Rutan?

An anonymous reader writes: In timing with the release of the Astronaut Farmer. I saw the trailer for this, and it reminded me of the developments in the AltSpace community.
I think the producers/writers based it on some notable people in the industry since the winning of the X-Prize.
So my vote is for Burt Rutan.
but here are the others to note.
Burt Rutan?
Elon Musk?
John Carmack?
Steve Bennett?
Brian Feeney?
Just good old Billy Bob?
The Internet

Submission + - What's in a job title?

An anonymous reader writes: Currently I call my self a Systems Administrator. I've been told that may not be such a good job title when trying to move up/get ahead. Here is what I do:
  • Write all the company's web applications (WebObjects/Java)
  • Maintain the company's web site/ftp site/mail server. I also write all the HTML pages (aka webmaster which isn't 'in' anymore, apparently)
  • LAN/WAN & VPN connectivity.
  • Maintain file servers
  • Maintain LDAP server
  • Maintain DNS
  • Desktop support
  • Server maintenance training
  • DBA (MySQL, some Oracle)
  • I maintain 8 servers in three countries.

Don't know if it matters but I also report to the VP of Engineering/IT who reports to the CEO. What do you think, what title would you choose? Title's like head yahoo doesn't really work :-)

I could just be full of it...

(No offense to any Systems Administrators out there...)

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