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Comment Re:Not likely. (Score 1) 365

I find the OSX GUI to not be particularly intuitive either, coming from a Windows/Linux background.

But after reading through the "missing manual" book for OSX, I started to understand the Apple GUI paradigm. After that, it made more sense.

The combo of a useful GUI, along with bash & a unix tool chain, makes OSX quite useful.

Comment Re:Comcast used to be close (Score 3, Interesting) 114

I recall that Comcast does not count some streaming video services against the data caps. There were some (like Netflix) who complained this was not in the spirit of net neutrality. So maybe they are still not counting some of the video you stream, depending on where you are streaming it from? Just a guess.

Here's some more info on this:

Comment Re:So that's how we make American beer! (Score 3, Interesting) 215

The Reinheitsgebot isn't necessarily a good thing to follow. Many great British, Belgian, and American craft beers do not meet the sometimes odd rules of the Reinheitsgebot.

The list of "11 Reasons why the Reinheitsgebot is bollocks" explains it pretty well:

Comment Re:Figured this out in 2003 (Score 1) 663

I would like those tools and the rest of the GNU UNIX toolkit like the findutils and less and the rest of the lot.

On my Macbook, running the latest OSX (10.7.4), along with XCode 4.1, everything is in it's right place.

$ type less
less is /usr/bin/less

$ type find
find is /usr/bin/find

I can't recall any standard GNU tools that are missing.

Comment Re:Because 32bits of addressing... (Score 1) 460

Uh, no. The minimum size of an IPv6 header is 40 bytes. The minimum size of an IPv4 header is 20 bytes.

(Not that the header size is that important. Decisions about how individual packets are handled are done pretty much at wire speed using the ASICs. These chips are designed to handle IPv4 and IPv6 natively.)

Comment Re:Just in Time for iPhone 5 (Score 1) 183

Ya think Sprint's decision to adopt LTE had something to do with it being the only one using WiMAX? And that the WiMAX roadmap is a dead end? It doesn't take a genius for to see that it's time to get on the LTE bandwagon.

No, that couldn't be it. It must have been bad old Apple forcing Sprint to ditch WiMAX. Just when it was about to take off! Those evil bastards!

Comment Re:One good thing about NY (Score 1) 475

Actually I-Pass & EZ-Pass are pretty much the same thing. The HW looks the same, probably the same company makes them. And you can use the I-Pass in NY, and the EZ-Pass in IL.

Only the really old I-Pass systems beeped. I think these over 10 years old.

And I have to say, this is one of the dumbest slashdot discussions I've seen in a long time. There are no plans to put cameras in I-Pass transponders. This would be all over the local media if it was even proposed.

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